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Thread: Eggplant Meets George Foreman

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    Default Eggplant Meets George Foreman

    After much experimenting and perseverance, I have discovered how to make perfect straight eggplant. Four minutes at low setting on Foreman Grill.

    I peel the eggplant (although you could leave the skin on if you prefer), cut into about 3/4-inch slices, soak in salty water for about an hour, pat dry, brush on olive oil, sprinkle VERY lightly with garlic salt (or powder), pepper and just a few grains of sea salt, put that side down on the preheated grill, then repeat the oil etc. on the other side, put the lid down and wait 4 minutes. No bitterness, perfect texture. I'm in love.

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    ooohhh.... sounds yummy! I love eggplant

    i'll have to write that down to use if my garden successfully produces eggplant for me this coming summer

    the few summers i have tried growing it happened to be short, cool summers- just the opposite of what i needed

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    we grill eggplant too (and squash) only we put lemon pepper on ours!!

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    I have never actually had eggplant before, but I love grilling squash and zuchinni! I may have to try this out!

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    I too love my GF and eggplant . I cut up my eggplant into slices, brush olive oil on both sides, put in my little GF lower lid and cook till done. I eat them as fast as I cook them. A veggie dish is a meal for me. I sprinkle a little salt and fresh cracket black pepper on them when finished cooking.


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    ~ Good ideas, here's one of mine.

    When I'm fasting from meats & sweets.

    I do a vegie lazz.
    Instead of meat I use slices of young eggplant
    with slices of portabella musrooms, lots of cheese & sauce.
    Man what a great change! I don't miss the meat at all.
    As a matter of fact I prefer it way now! Only wish my husband did

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