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I have to brag about God for a minute

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  • I have to brag about God for a minute

    Alright so I have to brag on God for a minute. I know Iíve posted some prayer requests and for those who have been praying in agreement with me and for me thank you. Iíve been struggling the last few years with lots of stuff from inner turmoil to a daughter ive thought several times I was good to lose suicide at worst self harm at best.

    In the last 5 months Iíve had a major turnaround in mine and my girls lives.
    The inner turmoil has subsided and for the most part is gone.

    My daughter has made a 180 and we donít always have bad days only occasionally and they are few and far Between.

    Iíve been working at this job I have for the last 5 years and the money has stopped coming in. My plan was to be out of my parents house before school started and Iím still here. But they have built a new restaurant in town and I put my app in there to get a job there. It will hopefully be more money and it will be 25 minutes closer to home. I prayed for months after putting my app in I finally got a call for an interview and I start the 23rd.

    Iíve also been praying for someone good for my girls and I. That he would be a man of God and someone who has the same beliefs as I do and agree on mostly everything. Last month I heard from a an ive known since I was 15. We didnít talk for many years mostly because of life and whatever and we have developed a relationship and moved past the friends thing. This poor guy has loved me for a long time i just never realized it. He told me a story (a lot of stuff in my past Iíve forgotten) and he told me I was very pregnant with my oldest and I wanted a hot dog but not just any hot dog the hot dogs from the hot dog vendors outside the bars in downtown Seattle...anyone who has ever experienced those hot dogs know what Iím talking about and I hate hot dogs. Anyway I called him and he drove 40 miles on way to get me this hot dog. He called on his way back to tell me he was 5 minutes away and I told him I didnít want it. Hahaha of course I apologized he wasnít sorry tho. So now we are making plans to get me moved out of moms hopefully in December he is going to make arrangements on his end to transfer and move down here and we are also planning a wedding as well. My girls love him. We also found out one night when we were talking that we went to the same church when we were kids little kids. Crazy right?

    I guess thru all the hard times Iíve had and bad decisions Iíve made God knew what he was doing. Iíve never felt so good about my walk with God or may family life or myself.

    We hear so much bad and we all have stuff that we gonthru. My life is far from great and Iím dealing with some things that I donít really like but for once I feel at peace and my head doesnít torment me.

    Thanks yíall. I know itís like Iím so in and out itís really cuz I work and have a kid that keeps me busy with her band and ball games lol. DD2 will be starting tumbling as soon as I get settled somewhere so even busier. I do keep yíall in my prayers even when I draw a blank but I know God knows who Iím talking about

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    Stacey that is so awesome the way it has turned around for you because of our loving God. I am so happy for you and your girls.
    Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84:10


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      You are such a sweetheart ❤ Thank you for sharing with us! We rejoice with you!! Sounds like there's a lot of neat coincidences too.

      Try to keep us informed on what's going on and your upcoming wedding. I pray that this man loves you as Christ loves the church and that your relationship will be blessed beyond measure!

      Btw, we just went thru Seattle. It was fun but it made me appreciate living in a rural area!


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        Thanks cricket and koalie.

        Haha yeah last time I was in Seattle was 7 years ago. I plan on making a trip up there this next spring but told him if I wanted to go anywhere people can come pick me up or he can take me to where I need to go. Iím not driving in that traffic. Not after living in Oklahoma all these years.

        I will definitely keep you updated. We are on the lookout for cute ideas and ways to involve the girls. He has no kids but itís just as important to him as it is me the kids feel a part of everything. And he really does love Christ and is putting him in the center of our relationship. For once I feel like life will be ok even without the man.


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          So far so good....we started training at the new restaurant Monday. We will open Tuesday. Iím very excited for that and to see the people around here excited for something.

          I also went yesterday and looked at a house. Pray friends pray!! It will be perfect for the girls and I. Itís 3 bedroom just a little yard but plenty of room inside and even has a fraidy hole for storm season. Itís beautiful on the outside and inside. While i was in there I noticed his son had a bed in there. Everything was in good condition. His son came by and sold me the bed for $100 so now all I need is beds for the girls.

          Right now Iím waiting on a call back from him he had to talk to his wife first just to make sure she knew what was going on and get her approval. Also no pet deposit for my daughters cat. Everything I need and want is in that house. Trying not to get hopes up but hard not to. So keep praying. Life is turning around and Iím loving watching and experiencing God put everything in place.


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            Oh Stacey it is so good to hear all this good news!!! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. Praying for you.


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              I'm with makes me smile reading this!
              God is good and He most certainly works things out for the good!

              Praying that you do indeed get the house....let us know.


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                This is great!

                ing the Lord's will be done in all situations going on here, job, house, girls, marriage, wedding plans and all concerns.

                I'm a guy, so I don't know much about this wedding planning business, but maybe your girls can take part in the actual vows in some way, if you guys are all going to become a family. Normally not a fan of "dual covenant" (lol), but perhaps here it is appropriate, a marriage covenant, and a daughter-stepfather-mother covenant also. Just a thought...

                Thank You Father, for blessing our sister! May You reign in and over their lives, and may they be blessed in You.


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                  I got the house!! Praise God!! I go Wednesday to give her the deposit. Iíll be moving the middle of the month.

                  Pixel: we plan on including the girls. I think we are going to do unity sand and unite all 5 sand colors. Iím also going to get wood letters that spell family. Each will carry one except him he will carry 2 symbolizing leader and our spiritual leader in our home. And I donít know much about weddings. Havenít been to but a few and I was little I can plan a funeral tho. So Iím learning.