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15 Y.O. Contending for the Faith

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  • 15 Y.O. Contending for the Faith

    I have to smile and cheer inside. I'm sitting on the main level of our house reading RR main site articles. Through the vents I can hear my 15 year old son in the basement playing his video games and talking to a friend on his headset. He doesn't know I can hear his end of the conversation. I overhear him explaining to a friend about the difference between Judaism and Christianity. He's getting in-depth about the Old Testament law and how Jesus sacrifice replaced and changed things. His friend on the other end must be arguing back with him (can't hear that side). I hear my son expressing he wishes all his friends would become saved. Then I hear him push back on this kid saying "yea, well so what if it turns out I'm wrong and it was all for nothing; it's not a waste to me. I'm happy with trying to live my life to honor somebody that gave it up for me."
    Momma singing in her heart right now! It's HARD to stand up to peers at 15! Or any age! Our church just finished a series on Jude, Contending for the Faith.

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    Praise God!!
    Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


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      I LOVE this! Rejoicing with you!


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        That is outstanding!


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          blessdmomuv5, so-o happy for you! That's what every parent dreams of hearing, their child taking a stand for Christ.


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            Thanks everyone! This is my middle child that his dad, my ex, decided he didn't want more kids and I should have an abortion. I basically said don't let the door hit your backside on the way out - adios! Have raised him on my own for years until I met my husband now. I always felt there was some special reason this particular child was born. He has talked about wanting to be a pastor someday.