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  • :cheer :cheer :cheer

    We have another smoke-free winner: jonshaff who has been smoke-free for 1 year!

    Glory to God 6 years
    American Spirit 2 years
    cat 3 years
    petsforpeggy 1 year and 1 month
    MrsBri 2 years
    Butterflies 5 days
    Tarvan 3 year
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    mercyandgrace 4 days
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    bghtnpd4's husband Mark 3 years
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    Cherished 23 months
    Twin Diddy over 2 years
    mdeming 16 years
    waiting1 12years
    john0730 11months
    ChristIsKing2008 2 1/2 weeks
    graybeard 30 days
    nanny 1 day
    heart_changed99 1 day
    Lynn197235 8 weeks
    Lynn197235's husband 8 weeks
    davidswife over 3 years
    bohdan over 15 years
    turtle 3 1/2 months
    RaptureReady_7 9 years
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    meshee 40 days
    David 40 days
    Titus 2
    Titus 2's husband
    treasures 2 weeks
    No Doubts( since May 8th)
    Jesusfool 5 weeks
    katiesmom07 26 months
    WCoastBeliever 25 months
    Mom2ten 1 month (e-cig)
    Karen 12 years
    frankthomson 3 months[/B][/QUOTE]
    jonshaff 1 year


    • Originally posted by mary View Post
      jonshaff !!!

      jonshaff has been a smoke-free winner for one year!

      Do I have that correctly, jonshaff?

      We who have tried to break a habit know that we cannot do it in our own strength!!
      But with God all things are possible if we lean completely on Him and I would encourage us all to memorize the verse jonshaff has shared with us all! Thanks for sharing with us all the following Bible verse!

      Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
      That's correct, Mary! One year!
      It feels like I've never smoked or chewed...praise God!


      • Well, no matter what, I'll be smoke-free come the weekend of April 15th. We are moving into a house out of this old trailer. We were trying to buy a house recently and that fell through so we are renting a house instead (I really don't like living in a trailer). The thing is, I had promised David and the girls that I would quit smoking as soon as we moved out of this trailer.

        SO. Not only do I want to quit smoking... I know HAVE to quit smoking simply because I cannot go back on a promise I've made to my husband and children. It's just an addiction, and I cannot let an addiction make me a liar.

        SO. If you all don't mind.... I'm REALLY gonna be needing some serious prayers next week.

        Thanks bunches...



        • We are prod of you for wanting to quit the habit! But it is going to be hard to break a habit, and to be pressured by a timeline on top of that!

          I would love to encourage you to allow God to help you.
          And for you to give the habit to the Lord completely!
          Have you thought what you are going to do when the urges comes to you?
          My husband has hankering for one AFTER he had quit for months!

          The main goal that you want to quit smoking... is first of all for yourself! Your health!!
          Your desire to please the Lord!!
          Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, pray without ceasing!!

          Yes, we will be praying for you, Maggie!


          • Originally posted by mary View Post
            We are proud of you for wanting to quit the habit! But it is going to be hard to break a habit, and to be pressured by a timeline on top of that!

            I would love to encourage you to allow God to help you.
            And for you to give the habit to the Lord completely!
            Have you thought what you are going to do when the urges come to you?
            My husband had hankering even AFTER he had quit the habit!
            The main goal that you want to quit smoking... is first of all for yourself! Your health!!
            Your desire to please the Lord!!
            Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, pray without ceasing!!

            Yes, we will be praying for you, Maggie!
            Corrections...dated 4/5/1012


            • We want to hear from you!!

              How are our smoke-free winners doing?

              This is a daily battle and we need the Captain to help us through each urge to take a puff!!

              We are conquerors through Christ!!

              Not in my strength but through the Lord God Almighty!!

              Every time that you say no to the habit, you are winning!!


              • Originally posted by frankthomson View Post
                smoke free thanks to Jesus.

                i will say a prayer for all those who need one


                I need one! Thank you so-o-o much!


                • Good Morning!! Where are you? This is your thread to share and to ask for prayer!

                  Good Morning!!

                  This is about YOU!!

                  Let us hear from you!!!

                  How are you doing?
                  Need prayers?
                  Share with us your success stories so we can all praise the Lord and give HIM ALL of the glory!!

                  I have been away and it looks like everyone else has too!!

                  I did stop by and saw that Praying asked for prayer and we prayed for you every day and when your name came to my mind.

                  Let us take a moment and pray for Praying and for all of you on the list.


                  • thank you all so very much for your prayers for deliverance of this terrible habit. I am struggling with this, and I keep praying for deliverance. Some days I do really well, and other days, mostly when I'm under stress, I fall back again. It is really frustrating for me, because any time I have set my mind on doing something I have always seen it through. Our Lord Jesus Christ has done so very much for me, and I continue to pray for healing and strength to kick this habit. I appreciate any and all prayers and suggestions. Thank you all so much in advance.


                    • Here we go !!!

                      The day I have dreaded for the past few months has finally arrived. I should be excited, but to be truthful, I'm actually quite terrified. Now isn't that a silly way to be over such a nasty habit? It's just that I've failed so many times in the past few years, I simply cannot allowed myself another failure. I cannot. Not only on the promise I've made to my family, but the very fact that I've told God I WILL give up smoking if he gave us a house. Well, it may only be a rental but it is a house. So I have no choice but to keep my word to everyone.

                      Ya know, it isn't the not smoking that gets me. I can go to someone's house for a visit that doesn't smoke and I have no problem. I can even visit for days. I think it's because I have that comfort that I could go have a smoke outside if I wanted to. I can't even do that now. Anyway, it's the triggers that get me every time. A cigarette after dinner. With my morning coffee. When I'm in the car. Especially if I'm driving. Heck, even just being online triggers the desire to have one lit up sitting in my ashtray, as I do right now. That desire to reach out and take a puff while thinking what to write next or while reading a blog. I'm also concerned about irritability issues. I don't want to snap at anyone. For that reason, I've asked my husband and girls not to say anything. For some reason it feels so condescending. The "you can do it" cheers just bring me down even further. Funny, that doesn't seem to bother me coming from all of you.

                      So come tonight, Saturday, April 21st, 2012, it will all be over but the crying (as they say). My heart is pounding hard just thinking of it.

                      Please... please.... dearest RR friends, lift me up high to the Highest One for strength and endurance and most importantly faith, that the battle will be worth the struggle.

                      I have promise to keep. And as silly as it might sound, it may be the greatest struggle I've ever endured.

                      See you all on the flip-side.



                      • Praying and CatChick

                        We want to thank you both for speaking your heart's desires and struggle!!

                        I want to help you with some thoughts that I got from your comments!!

                        Behold your God!

                        Let us mediated on these few words!!

                        Who is the God that you serve?

                        He is an awesome almighty God Who has all power....( except to help me quit a bad habit?)

                        God has promised that I can do ALL things through Christ Who Strengthens me!

                        Who am I trusting and leaning on to break this habit?

                        Remember Peter who was walking on the water when he kept his eyes on the Lord Jesus and not on his circumstance. I cannot walk on water,but I can if I keep my eyes on the Lord Who enables me too!

                        All of us have tried and failed... ( one time, dozens of times, or many times) before we succeeded or just plain gave up!)

                        This brings up the memory when I was learning for the first time how to ride a bicycle after riding successful a tricycle for years!!

                        Can you remember the first time that you got on your brand new bicycle?

                        1. Were you success the first time that you got on it?

                        My Answer, NO!! I had quite a few falls as I tried and tired again to get the coordination in sync with the pedals and steering and keeping my eyes on where I was taking my bicycle!!
                        If I had quit after any of my falls, I would have never had the fun of riding it!


                        DON"T GIVE UP!!
                        Keep your eyes on Jesus!
                        Who is your God!
                        Does God keep His promises?
                        Praying and fasting!!
                        Give the Lord the glory for your success!!

                        Plan ahead what you will do when these urges come on you!
                        by quoting a Bible promise, grab a toothpick and chew on it, take a shower, take a walk, pray with out ceasing.

                        Will it be hard? YES, Will it be worth it all? YES

                        I can do ALL things through Christ Who is my Strength and Helper

                        Keep us posted!!


                        • Never Give Up!! Keep trying with His Almighty Strength!! Choose Freedom!!

                          But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

                          2 Corinthians 12:9

                          I am weak,
                          God is strong,
                          I will give Him my weakness,
                          and ask for His Almighty Strength,
                          so that I can surrender this bad

                          Is smoking a healthy habit?
                          Can you think of something that you
                          do to replace the habit with something good?

                          I was thinking about this...
                          when I get those urges to continue my past bad habit,
                          do I stop before I start I start doing it, then remember that God can help me quit this habit...I have a choice, wow that is a wonderful freedom thought!! So I can stop right there to begin a new life...or continue in my past habit. Everytime you have those thoughts and even when you are yielding to those past habits, it is not too late to choose to do right... stop where you are and being a new life of freedom of your prison from the past.

                          Choose freedom!
                          Say no to being a prisoner to your past habits!!

                          God loves you so much!
                          He forgives everytime we confess our sins.
                          He can pick you up and give you another
                          Try it and Trust Him completely!!


                          • HOW ARE U DOING? If you are down, don't stay there get up! If you have to give up again!!

                            1) Are you struggling?
                            2) Did you fail again?
                            3) Are you a quitter winner?

                            My answer...

                            1. That is a good sign... because you have not given up!! Wonderful!!
                            2. That is okay... I failed many times when I was learning a new and better way! U are on the road to success IF you don't stay there....get up and try again, yes, try again, try try again until you win!!
                            3. Praise the Lord! The Lord is the ONE Who gave you the strength and power to win!! Glory to His Name!!

                            I have GOOD NEWS for you!!
                            I prayed for you!
                            And I have not given up on YOU!

                            Jesus has promised to never leave you or forsake you!
                            He loves it when after we fail that we reach out our hands and ask Him for help to get up and try again!!


                            • Still Here !!!

                              HEY EVERYONE !!!

                              We just got our Internet hooked up in the new house just a few hours ago (the hazards of living in the country) and I just couldn't wait to get on here to let you know how things are going. It's been over a week since we moved and I'm making it. It's been a very trying time for me and I've had some tough moments... But... I haven't had a real cigarette since April 22nd. I say real because I have an eCig but I only use it when I know that if I don't use it then I'll go buy a pack to get a real one.

                              God has been most wonderful to me during this move. He reminds me to chew my gum before resorting to the eCig and reminds me of my eCig when I think I have to have a real one. I have, on a few occasions actually yelled in frustration but after my yell, I grab a piece of gum and "get over it".

                              I haven't been hard on my family either. Well, not so much anyway. My COPD, for some reason, is acting up. Withdrawals, maybe? Don't know... going to a pulmonologist tomorrow to see what's up.

                              Please continue to pray for me and all of my fellows strugglers on this thread. That God frees us all from this horribly addicting habit and restores us our health.

                              That, by the way, is my next goal. To lose weight and get off the high blood pressure meds.

                              Can't stay on long for now. Still unpacking. Loving the house... thank you Jesus !!!



                              • Thank You, Lord!! How Great Thou Are!!

                                I am so thrilled to come here and see that someone has posted!! Praise the Lord!!

                                That is so wonderful, CatChick!!:cheer:cheer

                                So good to hear that you are struggling...but not giving up!!

                                One week from real cigarettes makes you a 7 days smoke-free winner!!

                                It amazes me when we give something to the Lord to help us that He is there all of the time!

                                Keep looking to Jesus!!
                                Keep in the Word!!
                                Pray without ceasing!

                                I am praying and believing each one of you will be winners as you lean on His Almighty Arm!!

                                DON"T GIVE UP!!
                                IF you fall,get back up!!

                                We are here for you!!