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  • Blessing In Disguise

    God did the most amazing thing for me.

    Earlier this year, I had a brain hemorage that revealed an anomaly that a hemotologist took note of.

    She sent me to a well known medical center for a bone marrow biopsy.

    En route, I promised God & my spouse that I will face whatever the outcome with grace & courage.

    I was diagnosed with an aggressive, incurable, rare form of leukemia with only a few weeks to a few months to live.

    From the very beginning, He sent His angels to guard & protect me with swords. I never saw nor heard them...but I knew they were there. Similar to Elisha in 2Kings.

    When I arrived at the hospital, the isolation nurses were awesome. Many are Christians from other countries, & their testimonies were quite powerful. Many of the night nurses prayed for me, with me, & comforted me.

    So when the time comes, I will be with Our Lord & King! Halelujah!!!

    I am not longer afraid of death. It is well with my soul.

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    Blessings prariedog.
    I wanted to share the experience of my husband's death on Sept. 11, just a few months ago. Just hours before he left this life, he lifted his arms, and tried to embrace someone he saw in his heavenly home. When he couldn't grasp them, he gently lowered his arms. back to his sides. This happened three times in about 5 minutes. He was totally peaceful.
    Our first child and only daughter, died just over 50 years ago, after her short life here. My guess, and that's all it is...a guess, is that he saw her, possibly with Jesus, and was trying to unite with them. He did just that, soon after the experience.I described.
    When Jesus took him home, there was no struggle...just breaths that stopped like the water stops when you turn off a faucet..
    You are so right not to fear death. What I experienced with my husband, though I miss him so much, was a blessing to me, and my son who was there with me.
    I have another son, and he and his precious 10 year old daughter, our granddaughter {a red-head like our own little girl) sang 'It Is Well With My Soul' at his service, at my request.
    Love and prayers for a peaceful passage home.... <3
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    I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken because He is right beside me. Ps. 16:8


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      Ack! I've got tears of comfort and joy from both accounts above. God is good! For we who Believe, our death in this body immediately precedes eternal wonder. From all the deathbed stories I've heard, it seems Believers don't make the transition alone but are greeted a smidgen before the moment of death. That's comforting.
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        Wow... I am in tears also from both accounts! “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Psalm 116:15)


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          I can just imagine that your husband hasn't let go of your daughter anymore than my mom (she passed away at the age of 26 just like my dd) still hasn't let go of my dd since she got there to heaven. Other than for my husband, dd didn't much go in for hugs and giving sugar, she'd fuss - even at me. I can just hear her telling my mom, "Ok Grandma, enough already with the hugging, I have a lot of running and jumping to catch up on that I couldn't do on earth." And thanks for letting me know about your post here, I'm glad I didn't miss it. Love you bunches!