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God's endless blessings and mercy

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  • God's endless blessings and mercy

    Hi all,

    I don't know if I ever posted updates on some prayer requests I made back in March, so I thought I should do so now.

    First of all, my apartment passed inspection (thank You Lord) and I now maintain the place so it is not the cluttered mess it once was. God really has helped me in this area tremendously.

    Second, I did get a lease renewal and even tho the rent went up, at least I can still keep my 3 cats and won't have to move.

    God has shown so much mercy toward me and poured out blessing after blessing I just had to share.

    Major, MAJOR thanx to all of you, my precious brothers and sisters in Christ! May He reward you richly for your faithfulness.
    love in Christ Jesus & prayers,

    I am ready to go!!!

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    Great news... Thanks for sharing it. I remember praying for your lease and inspection, glad to hear that worked out. Praise God!


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