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The Time is URGENT!!

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  • The Time is URGENT!!

    The Time is URGENT!!
    By:Maxine M.

    Warnings abound as the growing storms strengthened & started to advance
    Get prepared!! Get to higher ground, it’s a life or death matter…don’t take a chance
    Forecasters stressed over and over the importance of a “get ready now” stance

    They had daily studied the weather maps & The Time is URGENT!!equipment, keeping a vigilant eye
    Their information is very reliable, trust the reports, we all need to listen to their cry
    They see the potential danger, advise against complacency…don’t try to just get by

    Warnings can’t change what’s coming, but they can tell you WHAT nature has in store
    Those in a storm’s path are vulnerable to its strength & violence coming ashore
    But the LISTENER must make the final choice, to heed the warning or simply ignore

    Many choose to disregard the warnings, thinking, oh I’m sure I’ll be alright
    Those forecasters always OVERSTATE the facts, they like to be dramatic…fill people with fright
    I’m pretty well prepared, I can survive on precooked food and candle light

    Then, just as PREDICTED, the storm struck, wind & water bringing uncertainty & fear
    Unceasing rain overfilled dams & reservoirs, the danger was persistently clear
    The need for rescues was APPARENT as people clung to roofs & trees, clutching what they held most dear

    The work was endless, shelters overcrowded, drinking water & food in short supply
    Rescuers came from all over to help, SAVE others…urgency running high
    They considered, ‘but for the Grace of God this could be me’…gratitude I’d apply

    But the rain & wind kept coming, water levels rising higher than ever before
    The wind destroyed what was considered “safe”…nature giving a furious roar
    Former warnings resounded in victims’ ears, now it was “WHAT am I in for?”

    When Adam and Eve disobeyed, SIN entered the CREATED world of mankind
    But in His mercy, He sent warnings to repent, turn away from sin, leave disobedience behind
    He inspired chosen men over the generations to write down His will…articulately designed

    His Holy Book expresses HOPE, His love and forgiveness, the Godly way we are to live and grow
    But also clearly states the consequences of NOT accepting & following His Son; instead, listening to God’s evil foe
    Warnings abound for rejecting the Son’s Sacrifice, in which the Father’s agape love shows

    Just as the weather forecasters didn’t sit on what their Hi-tech equipment would tell
    We, as a child of God, are to spread the warnings…ring the alarm bell
    We’re to show them Jesus, disclose to them their DECISION will determine where they will eternally dwell

    God told Ezekiel he was to be the watchman on the wall for Israel in his day
    To keep his eyes open, look for danger, then sound the warning without delay
    A lazy military watchman would be, with his own life, required to pay

    And now, down over the generations since Ezekiel, WE ALSO have this commission to undertake
    To watch & warn, spread the message of Salvation, and in the joy of rescuing the lost partake
    Pull those caught in Satan’s grip to freedom, plead for them their sinfulness forsake

    Now, UNLIKE the victims of recent storms, it’s not always clearly seen whom needs to be made new
    Since an unbeliever isn’t always the evil movie villain or the childhood bully you once knew
    They may seem to be just normal people, but without a serious spiritual point of view

    For many are totally unaware of what ignoring Jesus’ life changing call will mean
    They don’t understand that ONLY the blood of Christ’s sacrifice can make a soul clean
    They have rejected God’s offer of rescue; that He paid for those sins you thought were unseen

    How, in agony & pain on that cross, the burden of our ugly guilt our Saviour bore
    He died, was buried, rose again, ascended to Heaven and will soon Rapture His children to Heaven’s door
    The world will be cast into chaos & tribulation…all those who the Godly warnings would ignore

    So WE need to step up our warning message of rescue to those still LOST in unbelief
    The time is urgent!! Judgement WILL be coming like an unexpected midnight thief
    TODAY spread the warning, help rescue all we can from the world’s coming grief
    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus

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    Give your mom a and say, "thank you" from me!


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      A "thank you" to Maxine!!!


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        Dear Koalie and Sunshine! She says you are both so welcome and she thanks you back for the encouragement! God bless
        sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
        Judy for Jesus