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My Heart Cries Out to You

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  • My Heart Cries Out to You

    My Heart Cries Out to You

    My heart cries out to you Lord
    When the world is full of noise
    When the words from my lungs do not reach the tongue
    When the pen is dry and the page is blank

    You knew us from before the womb
    Before streams of consciousness both inspired and uninspired entered our minds
    Before we knew the difference between the two

    Bless me King Jesus for I am not or will ever be worthy of you
    I see evil and I remain silent
    I see you denied and I remain silent
    Lift away the fog and allow me to see the truth

    Lift up your children in wonder and song
    Lift up your children into the clouds
    Through the stars into your sacred world
    Where crowns are offered and laid at your feet

    Teach me dear Lord how not to show hypocrisy
    Help me remember it is all about You
    Remind all Your children that we are not perfect
    And that the Lamb who has suffered need comforting too

    Dear Jesus, I lack wisdom and I lack focus
    Forgive me for worshiping money and fame
    Forgive me for hurting the ones that I love

    Despite all the times that I lack faith
    Despite all the times Iím not Your disciple
    I can still rest my head upon Your shoulder
    And still recognize in Your world of free will
    Freedom is You