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State of Heart, Nation and Universe

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  • State of Heart, Nation and Universe

    State of Heart, Nation and Universe
    By: Maxine M.

    (Matt 24:10) Then many will be offended, betray one another, hatred will abound
    Sound familiar? Could be the headline of today’s newspaper you found
    Hate is the absence of any rational care or concern for another; violence & revenge expound

    It originated with Satan, wanting to be above Almighty God in everything
    Unthankful for the beauty, splendor & power God had GIVEN him; his desire was to one day be king
    He rejected the Creator’s love, eventual destruction to a third of all the angels he’d bring

    Nothing could satisfy his ultimate desire to be #1 in the universe
    He deceived Eve into believing his lies and “half-truths”, knowing SIN would bring a death curse
    Not realizing God’s Son would step up, sacrifice Himself so the curse would reverse

    So hatred has been around since the first family, when Cain left Abel dying on the ground
    For jealousy is a big cause for hatred, a vivid longing for what someone else has, envy unwound
    ANIMOSITY toward another’s point of view, their way of life & customs to which they are bound

    Fear is also a primary ingredient in hatred alongside pride
    The “me first” attitude, “I’m as good as they are” an inflated ego often cried
    The light of joy is dampened because of the dark spirit of hatred it will hide

    Hatred can hang on for a lifetime, eating away at emotions, dictating the actions we take
    But sooner or later it will be manifested in the decisions we make
    We see it in those who take offense at a manger scene or cross, only Christian symbols in which we partake

    The very existence of Jews offended Hitler; tried to kill them all…everywhere he could find
    Really it was Satan again, he knew the Saviour was to come from Judah’s line
    And today anti-Semitism is alive and well, a SPECIAL hatred…a most vicious kind

    History record’s hatred’s desire to dominate, how it’s brought war worldwide
    Murder & violence, one on one or nation against nation; conquest!! is what the enemy has always tried
    That success and power will bring happiness, one of Satan’s frequently used methods, but he lied

    The hatred for a different race brings a war no one can ever possibly win
    Fighting & killing a stranger they never knew because of the color of the other’s skin
    Family arguments cause loss of respect & caring…even among the closest of kin

    We just went through an election where the sight of hatred reigned supreme
    Nothing was off limits, nothing too nasty or distasteful…seems like a bad dream
    To overturn the clear results, some will even go to highest extreme

    Unjustified hatred has led to the very divided nation we see today
    It’s spilled over to families & communities, feelings of love & loyalty THEY no longer portray
    IGNORED are the Lord’s 1st and 2nd commandments, that love for God & neighbor convey

    Hatred builds stress!!, hardens arteries, raises blood pressure, causes all sorts of disease
    The only one it makes happy is Satan, he enjoys keeping us off our knees
    Even if the feeling is “stuffed down” deep, The Creator knows and His Spirit is grieved

    God, through His holy Word, says EVIL is the only thing we should hate
    So He sent His Holy Spirit to help us DISCERN truth or error of any debate
    Plus He declares hatred can be overcome by His love…IF accepted BEFORE it’s too late

    Because the darkness of hatred cannot exist in the light of Jesus’ love & sacrifice
    For only His death and resurrection could pay sin’s deadly price
    And cancel the debt for all who BELIEVE IN HIM, trust His holy blood will suffice

    When we’ve surrendered our lives to Him, hatred is defeated, love will win
    Because hatred just dissolves in God’s holiness, since He’s the Creator of all men
    We’re no longer offended by the mere mention of His name since that’s what has saved us from grievous sin

    Then one day (soon) when Jesus is King, the world will be UNITED under His loving hand
    Even the animosity between animals and prey will no longer stand
    Then Heaven will resound with the sounds of love…the way God has always planned
    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus

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    What does the bible say about hatred?
    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus