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The Best Birthday Gift for Jesus

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  • The Best Birthday Gift for Jesus

    The Best Birthday Gift for Jesus
    By: Maxine M.

    Billy was so excited; Christmas would soon be here…he could hardly wait
    He’d made his list of what he wanted weeks ago; now for the list of those to whom he’d reciprocate
    Thinking of what he could give others, Mom!! We need to go shopping before it’s too late

    His list read, Grandpa, sister Betty, Mrs. Loecker his teacher, and of course Mom and Dad
    He’d saved his allowance and EXTRA money from special chores he had
    Now to find just the right gift to make those on his list especially glad

    The store was crowded, but he pushed on in his shopping endeavor
    Calculating how much money he had for each gift…the toy Betty would think was so cleaver
    Hankies for Mom, candy for Grandpa, new pliers for Dad, a bracelet for Mrs. Loecker cause she was the BEST teacher EVER

    But on the ride home his excitement changed into quiet contemplative thought
    Mom!, he said, Christmas is JESUS’S birthday, but there isn’t any gift for Him in what I bought
    Now my money’s gone, so what can I do to celebrate His birthday as I ought?

    Well, mom said, we can ALL honor Jesus by the attitude, to those around us, we demonstrate
    A kindness to them IS a gift to Him…even a smile, a grumpy spirit, will deflate
    Giving our time to be helpful is an offering the Lord Jesus can celebrate

    Christmas is the commemoration of God the Father’s Gift of His only Son
    So that He could one day GIVE His life in sacrifice…His holy blood for all the sins we’ve done
    And when He died on the cross, the battle between God and Satan, Christ WON

    And last year when you GAVE your heart to Jesus, even the angels rejoiced in delight
    The best gift you can give to Jesus is ACCEPTING HIS GIFT…in sincerity, humble & contrite
    He’s as elated over one sinner being saved as you’ll be with your presents tomorrow night

    You could tell all your friends about Jesus…how He loves THEM too
    How Jesus, the Creator of the universe, left it all behind to become a baby…that 1st human breath drew
    All so He could SAVE souls; rescue them from the fiery eternal judgment that’s due

    Tell them THEY need to accept Him as their Savior…even at their young age
    No one knows WHAT tomorrow may bring…there is always a tragedy on the news paper’s front page
    Even the life of a child is fragile, not guaranteed to one day enter that “elderly” stage

    Invite them to church…your Dad can pick them up if they need a ride
    Pray for others…not just your “wants”, but that their NEEDS will be supplied
    From your Christmas money from Grandpa, give a little extra…let a generous spirit be applied

    As Mother and Billy arrived home, the driveway was covered with snow…pure and white
    I’m going to shovel the walk, Mom…just incase it gets icy over night
    And as an extra GIFT TO JESUS, I’m going to shovel the neighbors too, for free…his eyes shining bright

    Billy just knew this was going to be a wonderful Christmas…his heart was busting with joy
    His family would love their gifts and he’d be excited with every new toy
    And Jesus would be smiling at His GIFTS…even those from one small boy

    So let’s all follow Billy’s example, for love thy neighbor is what Christ meant
    Giving “CHRIST-LIKE” gifts to others…even when our Christmas budget is spent
    Kindness, helpfulness, service, support…often a phone call, loneliness in another will prevent

    Christ’s birth can be celebrated every day…the whole year round
    A TRUE Christmas spirit keeps on giving; giving Him our thoughts & actions…virtual, compound
    The Father gave us His best gift so give Him back YOUR best…let His love ABOUND
    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus

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