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Beauty and The Beast

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  • Beauty and The Beast

    ~ Woman 0f Lust, Glory and Fame.

    Who is this Darling Monarch 0f Shame.

    Hearts of desire. What calleth her name?

    A mystery of men, to be her friend?
    For a promise of God, just among men?

    The Love 0f Beauty, The Love 0f Her Fame.
    Draws many into a Romancing Game.
    As One comes, leaving her never the same.

    Soon it will be for all men to see,
    free of Beauty their desire will be...

    The secrets of her love, as told.
    In Whispers 0f Prophecy from days of old.
    Yet for her glory men forfeit their soul.

    As from the dust, she called out His Name. - Is.47:4,5
    But all kingdoms die for this Beauty's lie....

    Prophetic whispers summon her story.
    But not for her love, nor men' glory.

    As her end comes upon many now.
    There's only One Who shows us how....

    Have we believed the stories of men?
    In making her great, unto all men's fate.
    But for many it's already too late!

    Is truth what they seek, that they may be found...
    not of this dust, but from the ground?

    Time is short our turn comes around.

    Who's believed is where we'll be found.

    In a verison perceived, portrays the enemies deceived.

    Fantasies in fate to generate, the fame of fortune by Authors of illusion.
    With deceptions of dread upon our conclusion?

    That is, if you believe Prophecy to be by man's Interpretation.
    Instead 0f God's Divine Revelation.

    As the most pressing question should never be:
    Who is this Woman to us?
    But, Who Is This Woman To God?

    Even though it was His Prophets who pinned her into The Script of our lives.
    Not because she was to be the greatest City on Earth to man.
    But because she is the greatest city on earth to God.

    She Was, And Is To Be, The Mere Image in History.
    Of His Heavenly Home 0n Earth, Among Men.
    So He Could Be, Their Friend.