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The Reporter Believed It

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  • The Reporter Believed It

    The Reporter Believed It
    By: Maxine M.

    Its basic journalism…the essential elements every news story MUST contain
    To establish the who, what, where, when and why every reporter is trained
    So it was these facts the reporter desired to obtain

    For ‘The Times’ had sent him to Jerusalem to see what all the commotion was about
    People were in an up-roar…Hosanna, hosanna to our King!, they were heard to shout
    Clothes and palm branches had been strewn along His intended route

    But now, a week later, the mood had definitely taken a turn
    The crowds were murmuring, the High Priest’s face was stern
    The one they had called “King” had been arrested, the reporter would learn

    So it was at this point the reporter started his story’s quest
    It all happened at Passover time; “Just be rid of him!” religious leaders would suggest
    “And if we could turn all people against Him that certainly would be best”

    The reporter went to the High Priest’s house where a so called “trial” was to take place
    And there, for the first time, he beheld the prisoner, JESUS, face to face
    He seemed so tired & weary, but carried Himself with such style, serenity and grace

    Going through the courtyard, Jesus stopped and gazed at a man with sad loving eyes
    A big rough looking fellow, but when he turns away, there is heard agonizing cries
    This could be a good “follow up” story, the reporter would surmise

    The reporter follows as they take Jesus to Pilate…who sits in the Governor’s chair
    Pilate asks, “What do you want me to do? “ “Crucify him! Crucify him!” the mob would declare
    So Pilate allows Him to be beaten until His back is bloody…stripped bare

    A crown of cruel sharp thorns is placed on His regal head
    No one steps forward for His defense…all followers have fled
    Taunts, ridicule and spitting were the order of the day instead

    Now, when severely beaten, they expected Him to bare His own cross to Calvary’s hill
    But as Jesus staggered under the load, this task, a bystander would fulfill
    CRUCIFIXTION, an awful sight…for a lifetime the reporter would remember it still

    Iron spikes are driven into hands and feet, striking raw nerves, causing terrible pain
    With a THUD the cross is dropped into the hole so all can see this Man slain
    The reporter wonders, How can people WATCH this?! They must be insane!

    Moving closer, he sees soldiers casting lots for His garments…gambling their day’s pay
    He hears Jesus promise the dying thief… “You’ll be with Me in Paradise THIS VERY DAY”
    And there is concern for His mother… “Take care of her”, to His friend He’d say

    The reporter couldn’t turn his eyes away…there’s such an aura of love amid this torturous strain
    He listened, somehow expecting angels to break out in glorious refrain
    It grew dark and ominous by mid-day as His spirit began to wane

    There is despair in Jesus’ voice when He asks “Father!! Why have You forsaken Me?”
    Who is He speaking to? the reporter wonders. Now let me see…
    His accusers had said “He calls Himself the SON of God”…could it possibly be?!

    The mob is still mocking as He hangs there between heaven and earth, anticipation grew
    The reporter hears “FORGIVE THEM, for they know NOT what they do!”
    Then Jesus cries “IT IS FINISHED”…someone shouts, the veil in the temple was just torn in two!

    The reporter thinks, ‘is this the story’s end?’ they take His lifeless body down
    The crowd starts to leave…finally there’s no one else around
    But the reporter is still in shock… just sits silent upon the ground

    He knows “the who, what, when & where”, but how can he obtain the WHY?
    All the accusations against this Jesus were certainly an outright lie
    So, WHY hadn’t He defended Himself? WHY would He so WILLINGLY die?

    A good reporter must always be objective, but this he could no longer do
    Jesus had said He was the Son of God…OBVIOUSLY this was true
    The reporter’s life would NEVER be the same, this he firmly knew

    Then only 3 days later, Jerusalem once again awoke to startling news
    The TOMB WAS EMPTY!! HE HAS RISEN!! This statement left many dazed and confused
    But, the reporter BELIEVED it, a faith was born…a faith he would never lose

    And the WHY he’d been searching for was now CRYSTAL CLEAR
    For if Jesus had ONLY died, He’d be another “martyr” for history to revere
    But, to RISE AGAIN would be to conquer death…with all its fear

    The Father’s plan, FORETOLD in Eden, was now complete
    In spite of all his efforts, Satan’s future would end in defeat
    Doomed forever in Hell’s eternal fiery heat

    And by the shedding of HIS Holy Blood…man COULD BE SAVED from his evil ways
    So the awesome WHY in his story would leave the reporter amazed
    And THIS was the ONLY story he’d TELL all the rest of his days
    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus