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    Where’s your Focus?
    By: Maxine M.

    The alarm sounds…often well before dawn’s first rays of light
    Jumbled dreams fade as our mind resumes conscious thought…a new day ready to fight
    But what will be our ATTITUDE for this day…dark & depressed or bubbly & bright?

    Morning’s disposition of mind may set the tone for the entire day
    And perhaps those inner thoughts, our outward image betray
    You might smile and say “good morning”, but yesterday’s turmoil your mind may still replay

    Our attitude usually reveals what, in our mind, is really going on inside
    What our mind is contemplating and today’s immediate demands often collide
    Because full attention is difficult to obtain when distractions can so easily divide

    Focus is a MUST for surgeons with sharp scalpels in their hands
    And it’s dangerous for a pilot to be distracted by his up-coming weekend plans
    Or for an athlete to push so hard & ignore the signs of what his body demands

    A high-spirited race horse may need BLINDERS so he’ll concentrate on the track ahead
    A trained sheep-dog learns to ignore voices and noises, responding only to what his master has said
    The eagle soaring high above its prey MUST keep his eye on the target to keep his eaglets fed

    Now, in life there are many aspirations to which daily attention needs to be applied
    Provisions of food, shelter, family relationships, job performance, using the talent God supplied
    But OVER & ABOVE all these, our SINGLE MINDED focus should be Jesus Christ CRUSIFIED

    Uppermost in our mind should be the CROSS & the redeeming sacrifice Christ made
    Make daily gratitude a priority for the tremendous sin debt HE paid
    We need to steadfastly fight those distractions that so easily let our focus fade

    Distractions like persistent health issues or a devastating personal loss
    A “trying” spouse, a friend with an “attitude”, or a demanding boss
    An angry neighbor or annoying co-worker…Satan loves to divert our attention from the cross

    Perhaps it’s not another person but that “inner” person that makes us glance away
    Or things like zealous ambition, fear of the future, desires we’re not willing to slay
    A harried hectic life style, being over-tired, idleness, or simply forgetting to pray

    For when the focus is on OURSELVES…possibly some “great” accomplishment we’ve done
    Or our perceived lack of “DESERVED” blessings…then self-pity has won
    Distractions can put a wall between us & the Father because He wants our focus on His Son

    Now, if His Word becomes unimportant or we develop the attitude ‘it’s not ENTIRELY true’
    We must tell ourselves it doesn’t matter WHERE we worship (doesn’t have to be in a church pew)
    But we NEED to GATHER with other believers, give and listen to each other’s point of view

    A Godly church can supply a SUPPORT group…provide the needed foundational grip
    Friendships can distract…choose wisely!! your Godly focus won’t slip
    For little by little, thoughts of Him can be replaced by worldly desires instead of worship

    Oh yes!! There are so many distractions that can occur amid our daily circumstance
    Things that distract our attention produce an “attitude” that no longer His Glory will advance
    Things we’ve done, things we’ve failed to do, things needed to be confessed & given another chance

    The Bible says “Let THIS mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”…not on how we can excel
    So put your focus back on the Saviour & how YOU can serve Him well
    Let His love, strength & purpose dominate…in a forward motion propel

    WORKING while you’re WAITING…listening for the trumpet sound that will let all Christians know
    The time has arrived when “TROUBLE” will cease…the object of our focus has come, His face all aglow
    For He said, “I go to prepare a place for you…that where I am, you will be also”

    So, are YOU prepared?! If not, GET READY TODAY for this awesome event
    Accept as YOUR Lord and Saviour the perfect Lamb of God…whom the Father sent
    Because this message is URGENT!! Look at the “NEWS”…know His return is IMMINENT!
    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus