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A Poem I Wrote.

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  • A Poem I Wrote.

    To Those who Dwell in the Earth

    A message to those who dwell on the Earth,
    from a slave of dead flesh.
    That was made to live again,
    by the power of the Spirit.

    That you may know something of the mystery,
    put forward by the Ancient of Ages.
    That you may drink milk and Living Water
    and eat meat and Living Bread.

    For the milk of this world is but bile,
    and the meat of this world is but rotting flesh.
    To be skewered on a Sword of Flame,
    and roasted in Fire.

    Listen, O Nations, to the Word.
    That you may persevere in the time of testing to come upon the Earth.
    Who is your true sovereign and king?
    Why do you think He is the one who led the Nations into iniquity?

    All things came forth from a single Word,
    And that Word was light shining forth in the Darkness.
    But the Darkness that is flesh,
    Knew not the truth, but knew only the works of their hands.

    Does a olive tree grow in darkness?
    No, and neither does the shoot that grows from it's stump.
    It only grows toward Light,
    and only drinks of Living Water.

    Listen, then, dwellers on the Earth
    and know your Maker.
    And know not that which brings you to despise Him.
    Listen, O earth, and hear, O heavens and come into Glory.

    And leave not the hand of the Lord turned against you,
    to leave you shattered like an empty vessel.
    Drained dry and thrown into the Fire.
    For the building of your towers, and your harlotry, and the other works of your hands.

    O, Nations, why do you drain the life of the poor and ride their back?
    Why do you leave the children to fend for themselves.
    And kick the dust into the faces of widows?
    Do you not comprehend who will judge you for your work?

    You have became robbers, and murderers.
    You live by clever words.
    And you laugh at that which you have done.
    Do you not know this is a millstone about your neck?

    That will sink you into depths that you will not escape.
    For leading the children of Israel astray.
    Your glittering cities mean nothing
    Your works will be broken and be ground into the dust from which they came.

    The very dust through which crawls the Shining One,
    The very sands on which he stands and roars.
    In defiance and rebellion against the Living God.
    In iniquity and harlotry against the Living God.

    This is what has come to pass by those who dwell on the earth.
    Is the juice of this fruit sweet?
    Does this bread nourish you?
    And bring you back from the dead when hunger and thirst has struck you down?

    Why do you love that which hates you, why do you not see?
    Unstop your eyes that you may see.
    Unstop your ears and listen to the Word that is life.
    So that you will not be led to the slaughter without a sound.

    Repent and rejoice, tell others of this Word and and make a joyful noise.
    Do good things for one another and expect nothing in return.
    For great is the Glory of the Son in His day which comes suddenly upon the Earth.
    And powerful is the voice of the Spirit.

    And Holy, Holy, Holy is the Father who made all things possible.

    I hope you enjoy it. God Bless!