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  • Priceless God Given Souls

    Priceless God Given Souls
    By: Maxine M.

    Precious jewels and gems, a big fancy house, the most elaborate vehicle found
    Big bank account, those latest & greatest “toys”, gadgets with a hi-tech sound
    Valuable art is sought, collected and sold, and we tirelessly dig for gold in the ground

    Oil lurks in places God determined just waiting for someone to drill
    A higher salary is desired by all who work so they can cover more than just an overdue bill
    Interest on an investment is closely watched, hoping future dreams it will fulfill

    So we seek wealth by whatever means we can…some good, others wrong
    The things that money can buy are COVETED by the human throng
    Along with fame & name recognition, thunderous applause when finishing a song

    Our health is a top priority, more so as age raises its ugly head
    Perhaps the consequence of poor choices in younger days, the life we once lead
    The money we worked so hard for now pays for medical bills and orders the doctor said

    Continually we search for treasure, costly precious “things” we hold dear
    But so many ignore the PRICELESS possession we already have near
    Our God given SOUL, the part of EVERY human being which is eternal…its Creator mirrors

    God gave us all a Soul to be able to communicate and love Him with…heart, Soul and mind
    A Psalmist asked, “Why are you down cast, oh my Soul?”…so emotions effect it we find
    David declared that the Good Shephard would RESTORE his Soul; stress and anxiety unwind

    God the Father gave us words that, to our inner being, are pure and sweet
    Comforting and reassuring that His love for a redeemed Soul is compete
    But His power and might can, all of Satan’s deceptions, easily defeat

    Now you can’t see the Soul on an x-ray or M.R.I., but our heart & mind knows it exists
    It’s what separates us from an animal, disproves the evolution twist
    It’s our own individual weapon; the Spirit with which we CAN, the wiles of the devil, resist

    Since it is ETERNAL, what could be more important than WHERE it would forever reside?
    In our world today, violence seems to be everywhere; a sense of peace and safety is denied
    But the Lord said, “Fear not!! those who can kill the body”; this evil is prevalent worldwide

    Instead, fear (hold in total awe) Him, who through Judgement, can destroy both body & Soul
    Because the Coming Judge knows all we’ve ever done…our entire life as a whole
    If it goes unconfessed, not repented of, the consequences will be out of our control

    The Great White Throne Judgement will be the result of the CHOICE you made to accept or reject the Lord
    This critical choice will determine which DESTINATION (Heaven or Hell) you’re moving toward
    To IGNORE God’s most generous offer of “Come!! to Me”, no Soul can ever afford

    Death lurks everywhere; the length of anyone’s life is not guaranteed
    We must all decide ‘what to do about Jesus?’, whether or not, in your life, let Him intercede
    By discarding Him, you’re not considering WHERE in the future this will lead

    Now those who DO accept Him are given a mandate, help denounce Satan’s lies
    Spread the Gospel, rescue the lost, tell everyone how God’s Salvation is the priceless ultimate prize
    We are to be our brother’s keeper; God pronounces, those who win Souls are wise

    Especially if it’s a loved one whom you want to spend eternity by your side
    Sitting at Jesus’ feet, learning all the things you didn’t fully understand before we died
    Your eternal Soul will rejoice that you chose to be on the Right side of the Great Divide

    Because no matter how much wealth & treasure in our life we acquire
    It’s the PRICELESS Soul that needs to be safely in the Saviour’s arms BEFORE we expire
    Through Faith placed in Jesus’ death & resurrection, as the Father’s love & Salvation require

    God the Father and Jesus our Saviour WAIT to welcome us to a Glorious Heaven one day
    While the Holy Spirit tirelessly works to comfort & guide God’s children on their way
    So WHY would you take a chance on missing this future option, when all one must do is for forgiveness pray?

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus