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Free Will, Choose Wisely

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  • Free Will, Choose Wisely

    Free Will, Choose Wisely
    By: Maxine M.

    Early in life many children learned the words “Jesus loves me, this I know”
    Loudly & joyfully they sang “for the Bible tells me so”
    That every baby born was created and is loved by God the Father, this song would show

    Jesus told His disciples, “Let the children COME unto Me, and forbid them not”
    Because their hearts are still tender, drawn to Him for the love that is sought
    They listened intently to His words, learning the “right” way He taught

    Gender, race, and genetics are all determined by His creative hand with no two exactly the same
    He has a specific plan for each child, even those with problems, blind, deaf or lame
    But all are born with an original sinful nature, man’s fall in the Garden is to blame

    Yes!! That precious adorable baby will soon show they have a mind of their own
    They cry when needs aren’t met, fuss if their favorite toy isn’t theirs alone
    But all are loved by the Heavenly Father, as His words in John 3:16 has shown

    The challenge comes when they realize they have CHOICES, a God given free will
    The choice of obeying or not, deciding between right & wrong, ignoring duty or your word fulfill
    Honesty, truthfulness, kindness, and dependability are a CHOICE, like voicing your opinion or keeping still

    Choices are a life-long proposition, where to go and what to do
    Whom to marry, the choices of career, relationships made, which one to renew
    Which teachers to listen to, where can we find voices of wisdom…sound and true

    Often we see others make choices we know are physically, mentally or morally wrong
    These temptations can dull the conscience, worldliness can influence even the strong
    The Bible declares, sin draws us away from God’s side…where we belong

    Now some use the “time-worn” FALSE excuse, “God made ME THIS way”
    But God gave man (and woman) unchangeable laws, which He demands & expects ALL to obey
    So He did NOT make a MISTAKE as to anyone’s GENDER, in spite of what “experts” say

    It’s NOT one of our choices; what He creates we can trust is best
    He’s not the author of confusion, the result that unsettled emotions suggest
    But in pride, many think they can change His design, so they act in protest

    He didn’t MAKE you an angry, vindictive person…a sharp tongue own
    Lying, stealing, hatred, murder, gossip are all a choice the Father cannot condone
    These poor choices can be forgiven, by accepting that Jesus’ death & resurrection will atone

    Many contemplate that aborting a baby is a justified choice they can make
    But the minute a child is conceived, God’s love embraces them; their RIGHT to be born we cannot forsake
    Man may say it’s legal, but in breaking GOD’s law, eventually the mother’s heart will ache

    Heartbroken, Jesus said, ‘It’s inevitable that offenses (abuse) will come, world-wide take place
    Woe to those who choose this evil, shame & disgrace they will certainly face’
    He said that one day, if this sin goes unconfessed & unforgiven, an eternity lost they’d embrace

    God created man first then a WOMAN, to be his helpmate, companion, his children bear
    He told Eve her DESIRE would be for her HUSBAND, a life of one flesh they’d share
    Anything ELSE is a human choice, the end result of which they should beware

    Nevertheless, God loves them, but all transgressions have consequences and will be judged as such
    Because of His Holiness, every sin must be confessed, forgiven…receive His loving touch
    For sin’s stain can ONLY be washed clean by His sacrificed Blood, He just loves us that much!

    It was that AMAZING love that provided Salvation’s gift for you and me
    Kept Him from backing out while praying at Gethsemane, willing to follow His decree
    His example shows us how victory can and will be won on bended knee

    So remember, JESUS LOVES YOU; make your choices with trust in mind
    FIRST, make the choice of asking Him to save you, make Him your Savior & Lord combined
    When He comes to call His children Home, you won’t be left behind

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus