Is There ANY Safe Place?
By: Maxine M.

Each morning the headlines most often take a shockingly disastrous tone
The land we think of as a tropical paradise, today, has a mind of its own
People can only watch as their “safe place” is destroyed by melted stone

Wild fires burned out of control, hurricanes & tornados brought great devastation to our land
Evacuations were ordered; what to take, what’s most important, changes to what we had planned
Where to go, can we find a new safe place, new decisions life will demand

Kids go off to school, some happily, others dreading today’s upcoming test
Parents shouldn’t have be worried it won’t be a “SAFE PLACE”, where they can do their best
But in our modern world, an “active shooter drill” may have to be addressed

HOME should be the safest place on earth that we can hope to find
But domestic violence exists when anger, drunkenness and mistrust are being misaligned
Children too often suffer abuse, causing fear, anxiety & insecurity to fill a child’s mind

Violence & abuse even invades the Sanctuary, a place dedicated to the Lord
Authority figures act out perversion…what Judgement they’re moving toward?!
People are shot sitting in a pew, awe and respect for the sacred is ignored

You wouldn’t think it was UNSAFE just to walk down a city street anywhere
Or that a pickup truck would be used as a weapon in a terrorist’s affair
Daily, our personal safety is threatened, even when we may be unaware

Pipe bombs are delivered to a work place, whom can you still trust?
Sexual harassment enters all areas of society, projecting evil desire & lust
Personal data is exposed & sold; where, as a “safe place”, says privacy is a must

Police are shot & killed, most are just doing the job they signed up for
Their badge doesn’t carry the respect we felt in years past anymore
The uniform always represented “SAFETY” for someone in trouble, upholding the vow they swore

Are we really safe traveling? Commuter trains derail…were tracks improperly laid?
An airplane passenger nearly gets sucked out a window and hit by a propeller blade
Children on a school bus were hit so hard the top is torn off, will this memory for them ever fade?

Since time, the threat of war has been ever present, now even the nuclear kind
Leaders negotiate, promises made; can we trust any treaty signed?
Man has an instinctive desire to RULE others, thus they leave kindness & compassion behind

Headlines continue…a helicopter goes down, the drug war is out of control
There’s a multicar crash, mass shootings nationwide, houses swallowed up by a dark hole
Is there any safe place? A congressman is shot playing baseball, a soldier on routine patrol

All these unexpected deaths shock us to the core, taking a devastating toll
When keeping our homes, schools, churches and work space is the common goal
The question is, how many of these people were READY!! to die, or were they an eternally lost soul?

Were they prepared for their sudden demise the instant the death angel is dispatched?
That moment known only by the Creator, when the soul from the body becomes unattached
The plan He put in place to safely redeem every soul is totally unmatched

Sending His very own Son to take sinners’ place, forgiveness now possible by the blood He shed
He bore the burden of separation from the Father (temporarily), taking our punishment…just as He said
But THAT fate, unbelievers will suffer FOREVER, if the road of rejection they choose to tread

But by confessing our sin, accepting His will, letting Him change your heart to a born again decree
Believing, in Faith, that His death & Resurrection has set you free
Trusting that you are safely in His protection, in spite of the danger and tragedies we see

Only He can be the true “SAFE PLACE” we all want…the totally secure space
If we’re in His everlasting arms, whatever the future holds, we will be able to face
For no trouble can ever overcome His Almighty power, love and abundant Grace