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Escape the Soon Coming WOE

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  • Escape the Soon Coming WOE

    Escape the Soon Coming WOE
    By: Maxine M.

    As a young boy Jim loved the “trick” handcuffs he received on his birthday
    He’d work enthusiastically until “I’m free, my hands are free!” he’d joyfully say
    Escaping from their confinement intrigued him in his childhood play

    Teenage years found him following the episodes of Houdini and his special form of art
    Escaping from all types of dangerous situations, the hold your breath kind, stopping the heart
    Only seconds from certain death, he would elude his demise, victory impart

    “The Great Escape” movie was a big favorite, all the effort they made to succeed
    God given desire to be free drove the prisoners to work tirelessly to fulfill that need
    Many were recaptured, but a few were triumphant in where the escape would lead

    After college Jim felt called to join the Fire Department, learn their specific skill
    Fighting fires, helping many escape whatever was burning, a new hope instill
    It gave him a passion for serving others; he knew this was his mission to fulfill

    One day at the station he found a book called “The End Times” & all that would, one day, transpire
    Intrigued, he read it whenever he took a break, a new source of anxiety he’d acquire
    It told of how the world would be judged, as it once had been by the flood, but this time by fire

    That God had set a day when His patience with man would run out and the consequence would be DIRE
    He’d shown the Apostle John what would take place; things that will be, because of man’s sinfulness prior
    John’s writing of the book of Revelation was meant as a WARNING, but to also HOPE inspire

    It told of a coming world leader, riding onto the scene on a WHITE horse
    Charming at first, but evil at heart; his power Satan will simply reinforce
    Because since the Garden of Eden, behind all trouble he’s the ultimate source

    Close behind will be a RED horse of war, when the dictator’s true intentions are known
    Worldwide chaos, millions dying, as bloodshed & hatred are set in stone
    Treaties broken, any sense of commitment is lost, everyone is just out for their own

    Productive land is destroyed, ushering in the BLACK horse of famine to the scene
    The value of money is reduced, starvation is rampant, there’s no one to intervene
    The leader calls himself god, his statue is made to talk…idolatry is seen

    The PALE (color of dead rotting flesh) horse arrives, humanity killed by meteorites falling from the sky
    Complete islands disappear, great environmental woes, earthquakes, mighty rivers suddenly dry
    Drastic changes in the sun and moon cause extreme heat to total darkness, mental stress sky high

    People affected with boils, swarms of demonic locust, tremendous suffering day & night
    Water turns foul when the creatures in them die, for daily survival people fight
    In spite of such grief, man is still rebellious, their heart does NOT show them contrite

    The evil leader MANDATES all must take the MARK to be able to buy or sell
    Perhaps a micro-chip under the skin, those who refuse will be killed as well
    BUT those who do have SEALED their eventual ticket to an eternal hell

    Jim shuttered at the thought, how could all these things ever take place?
    Would they happen in his lifetime, was there a way to prepare for this tribulation phase?
    What kind of world would be left, would it be fit for the future human race?

    Discussing this with a friend, he learned about God’s love, mercy and Grace
    How, since man first sinned, He’d made a WAY TO ESCAPE for all to embrace
    That BEFORE these things come to be, the Lord would CALL His children Home, leaving this earthly space

    God promised to keep them from the hour of trial, by the power that raised Jesus from the dead
    Believer’s graves will open, those within will rise to meet the Lord in the air…just as He said
    Behind them, those believers still alive will answer the trumpet’s call, ESCAPING the coming dread

    That very day Jim asked Jesus to forgive him, save him, set him free!!! Eternal protection bestow
    ACCEPTING that ONLY God could & would help him escape the coming tribulation woe
    He was so grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice, the ultimate LOVE His death & resurrection did show

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus