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  • FIRST Steps First

    FIRST Steps First
    By: Maxine M.

    Fred was a “DOER”, often up late at night burning the midnight oil
    He led a lifestyle that was full steam ahead…pleasure AND toil
    Confident in HIS abilities, able to handle any problems without foil

    But one day Fred suddenly felt ill, something just wasn’t right
    He could hear a voice off somewhere saying, “he is in for a big fight”
    Suddenly he felt afraid, wondering, could this be my last night?

    What then would be his fate…at this moment he was no longer in control
    He was only vaguely aware of the activity busily surrounding him as a whole
    Doctors and nurses, pain and needles, his family crying, others trying to console

    Days went by in a blur, but finally the outcome started to seem bright
    As recovery slowly came, Fred felt humbled, grateful after his terrible fright
    Doctors told him his life-style would have to change, much to his family’s delight

    Sunday he decided to go to church with his wife, 1st time sitting in a pew
    He enjoyed the music, the friendliness of the congregation, such accepting to him was new
    With his outgoing personality he quickly fit in, appointments to many committees he’d accrue

    He gave generously when the collection was passed, volunteered his time too
    Often praised the Pastor for the sermon, “Good job, appreciate the great work you do”
    That Fred’s attitude had changed was easy to see, as he often expressed his point of view

    One day a friend told him a well-known Evangelist was coming with a big revival tent
    Fred was curious if this would be different from regular church, so he went
    His whole family attended also; Fred was open to whatever message would be sent

    The Evangelist spoke about how ALL men have fallen from the original sinless state
    When Adam & Eve transgressed and broke God’s command, ALL inherited sin’s fate
    That upon death they’d be eternally separated from the Creator, EVERY soul would participate

    But God in His mercy, that very day, established a way in which Judgement could be reversed & thrown out
    The ONLY means by which any Soul can be SAVED, a specific path that leaves no doubt
    By faith in His redemption, when death inevitably comes, they can give a victorious shout

    In His flawless plan He would send His own Son, born of a virgin, in human form
    His mission was to DIE for all mankind, a task only ONE WITHOUT SIN could perform
    By sacrificing His life, the debt for OUR sins was paid, now even the coldest heart could warm

    The details of Jesus’ suffering & horrible death on the cross, the Evangelist went on to say
    The Good News came when the stone at the tomb was rolled away
    And Jesus walked out…death, Satan and the grave DEFEATED!! What a Glorious day!!

    He appeared to several people that day, so to His resurrection they could attest
    That those who accept the fact that He is the LIVING SAVIOUR, in Him they can surely invest
    But those who have never ASKED Him to come into their heart…with their sins confessed

    They are lost, no matter how many “GOOD WORKS” they do, subject to a devastating end
    God said in Isaiah 64:6 our good deeds in His sight are as filthy rags…not something on which to depend
    They are to be the RESULT of Salvation, a demonstration of God’s love, as His children we befriend

    Fred thought, my attitude has changed…doing things useful & good
    But I’ve never taken this FIRST step, the foundation on which true Salvation has stood
    Jesus promised we can do all things through Him IF we accept Him as our PERSONAL Saviour, as we should

    The Evangelist was asking for those who wanted to receive Christ to come forward
    Fred jumped to his feet, tears in his eyes, joyful at the life-changing message he’d heard
    Nothing in his former life had ever left his heart & mind so stirred

    As he knelt at the altar, he prayed, ‘Oh Lord, forgive my sins, wash my heart clean & new’
    Fred thanked Jesus for taking his punishment he deserved…the Judgement he was due
    Grateful the Holy Spirit would now live in his heart and his eternal fate ASSURED and true

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus