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Harvest Time is NEAR!!

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  • Harvest Time is NEAR!!

    Harvest Time is NEAR!!
    By: Maxine M.

    Springtime is here so preparations are being formed in the farmer & gardener’s mind
    Seeds are being gathered, ready to plant, once winter is left behind
    Each seed holds the potential of ITS species, as God proclaimed, each after its OWN kind

    A barley seed cannot produce a sunflower, or a kernel of corn a chrysanthemum
    It contains only the qualities of the mature plant from which it comes from
    Every seed remains completely true to the hidden possibility which is to come

    In the time between planting & harvest, many situations can & do occur
    Weather plays a big part for newly growing plants, sunshine & moisture is what they prefer
    Cultivation, the removing of weeds, is NECESSARY…growth & production assure

    Jesus said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground & DIES, it remains one seed alone”
    It’s in the death and NEW LIFE that proceeds that the plan of Salvation is truly shown
    Jesus was really predicting His own death & resurrection; saving man’s soul was a mission all His own

    The Good News that death had been defeated was proclaimed when Jesus BURST forth from the tomb
    The dark hopelessness of Friday, on Sunday turned to light…hope could now resume
    And the message would spread as the Apostolic church was formed from the Upper Room

    But before His return to the Father, Jesus declared, seeds of faith, all believers were to broadcast
    The mission was: GO into all the world, show the Way to the lost, for the need is vast
    Tell them men’s sins can be forgiven by Jesus’ sacrifice, no matter how ugly the past

    The Father sent the Holy Spirit as the HELPER, empowering Christians in this undertaking
    Helping them to overcome DOUBT, to be a true witness, in the Resurrection’s Glory be participating
    Warning the world of destructive untruths Satan is constantly making

    Jesus told a story of how a sower went out to sow a field with good seed
    That night Satan snuck out and spread weed seeds in the same field, trying to out succeed
    The seeds all came up together and grew to maturity, BUT to a dividing at harvest this would lead

    What the good seed had produced was gathered into barns, a yield all would admire
    The weeds were thrown in a pile, to be destroyed at some point by fire
    The same fate awaits the “weed sower” …the one known as the ORIGINAL liar

    Since it was he who spread half-truths & doubt in the perfect (weedless) Garden, deception at its best
    The result was thorns & thistles; for his daily bread, in toil and labor man would now invest
    Sin and disobedience entered humanity, Satan challenging God in a constant contest

    In any beautiful garden weeds growing among the vines & flowers require vigilant care
    Now pulling weeds is NOT a top desired job, but a necessity we all should share
    That “weed” of pride tries to crowd out the beauty of a humble Spirit we all should wear

    God planted in every soul the potential for love, kindness, peace, patience…self-control is what He meant
    But Satan LAVISHLY spreads anger, bitterness, covetousness, gossip…being discontent
    These grow quickly in the mind of those who reject the Savior God sent

    The Holy Spirit whispers encouragement, the comfort we need to go on…victory see
    But seeds of self-pity can easily sprout, WHY did this have to happen to ME?
    Seeds of faith, seeds of doubt, the conflict persists…a war best fought on bended knee

    The truth of God’s word is the seed we’re to plant, praying they fall on fertile ground
    Also pull out those weeds of doubt, bias, prejudice and vanity we find all around
    And there’s the indifference of “good” people…the weed of APATHY compound

    We are to “water” all newly growing seeds and help them grow up strong
    They need the sunlight of the Son filling their heart with Spiritual song
    With proper care they will produce seeds of their own, passing the Gospel message along

    Tell how the “Master Sower” is coming again, as HARVEST time is near
    That time of DIVIDING those saved by Jesus’ sacrifice from those rejected Him in fear
    As no one has a guarantee of tomorrow, NOW the destination of the soul needs to be made clear

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus