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The Ultimate Goal

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  • The Ultimate Goal

    The Ultimate Goal

    By: Maxine Mullivan

    Freedom!! A condition of liberty, The Ultimate Goal unrestrained from what “EVIL” would dictate
    Exempt from unfair laws & rules, which an unjust society would create
    Free to live within fair laws, independent, but in a good community participate

    We live in a wonderful “land of the free, home of the brave”
    It’s our free choice to ELECT our leaders, HOPING they know how to behave
    Lady Liberty has promised to welcome, not in any way enslave

    But are you really free…even without visible chains in sight?
    Many have apprehension, anxiety and dread that holds them tight
    With simply a HOPELESS feeling, not knowing how to fight

    Secrets of the past, addictions of the present keep us awake at night
    Guilt is one of the strangest, hardest shackle to break and move from darkness to light
    Or self-condemnation over something done, or what we didn’t do, things that need to be made right

    For when the conscience is ignored, the soul will pay a very high cost
    Because sins committed or sins of omission BIND the spirit…sense of freedom is tossed
    Since freedom is everyone’s ultimate goal, that inner peace is lost

    How then can we be FREE of condemnation of others OR self-inflicted turmoil?
    God said, “Call on ME in the day of trouble and I’ll deliver you”…the stress will recoil
    By relying on the Holy Spirit, trusting that Satan’s plan God will spoil

    For Satan continually tries to enslave by falsehoods, rumors, misinformation and deceiving
    Like the half-truth he told Eve, by questioning what God had said, leaving her unbelieving
    Thus freedom to roam the garden was lost, their hearts the 1st to know grieving

    Satan would love all humans to be in bondage to him, it’s his ULTIMATE goal
    To keep them separated from God’s love, divided & LOST as a whole
    Whereas God’s plan was to send HIS own Son to die, set free every soul

    His death would be SACRIFICAL, He GAVE His life on the cross…not from what Pilate had to say
    The Father’s love for all the world, this death & resurrection would convey
    The penalty for sin is eternal death, but this Judgement, His act of love would pay

    You can accept this liberating Gift and have your soul be set eternally free
    Simply believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, be saved by the Freedom granted on Calvary’s tree
    Free!! An all-inclusive pardon, no strings attached, all by Faith’s decree

    Jesus said while here on earth, “You shall know the truth, and TRUTH shall set you free”
    That “who-so-ever commits sin is slave to sin”, a truthful fact all can see
    But that those whom the SON sets free are free INDEED…a positive guarantee

    Now you may be in a prison cell, shackled by illness, or bound by mental strain
    Or perhaps accumulating debt caused by overused credit…desires that go unrestrained
    With all types of worries it’s often hard to, a sense of freedom maintain

    Even as a Christian we frequently wear chains of heavy burden…such as fear
    Trying to figure out WHAT the future holds…tomorrow!!, what will appear?
    But by trusting God’s Holy Word we’ll be confident that one day He’ll dry every tear

    When you’re young, thoughts of death are way off in the distant
    You are free to dream, make plans, making them come true IF you’re persistent
    But REMEMBER, it’s God who determines the future and that HIS plans are consistent

    Now, as the years add up, thoughts of death become far more real
    We think in terms of TODAY, not way down the road, with tomorrow we may NOT have to deal
    But when you belong to Christ, believe in His promises, the future has His seal

    To those chains of fear of WHAT lies beyond the grave we’ll no longer be bound
    Because we’ll either be caught up to meet Him in the air at the last trumpet’s sound
    Or arise in victory on that day, at last TOTAL FREEDOM will be found

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus

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    John 10:27-30 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.