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  • The INSIDE Truth

    The INSIDE Truth
    By: Maxine Mullivan

    The phone rang down at the police station late one hot summer night
    A casino had just been robbed; the clerk was shaken, but basically alright
    Cops were quickly at the scene, money had been taken without fight

    The clerk was a well-groomed, pleasant looking lady, well-spoken and polite
    She gave a general description: tall, average weight, middle aged and white
    Cameras hadn't caught the crook's image, they had simply stayed out of sight

    But when the same casino was robbed 3 more times, the clerk became suspect
    She finally confessed, crying how she wasn't worthy of her boss' respect
    She determined, by staging an "INSIDE job" no one would be able to detect

    For years Jack drove by a certain house that stood out from all the rest
    The lawn was perfectly kept, hedges trimmed, windows sparkled...a seemingly cozy nest
    It was up on a hill, a superior centerpiece of the neighborhood...the very best

    One day a "For Sale" sign appeared, Jack was excited as could be
    If the outside was so beautiful, the INSIDE should be even better to a greater degree
    He quickly made an appointment, so he and his wife could go and see

    But they were shocked when they walked through the elegant front door
    The INSIDE was a total disaster, conditions no one could ever ignore
    A gardener had diligently kept the outside, but the interior the result of neglect bore

    Jim was a civic leader in the community, one others looked up to
    His advice was often sought, the person many asked, in troubled times, what to do
    The entire family was well regarded, held up as a model for public view

    But the TRUTH was, behind closed doors it was a very difficult scene
    The family tread softly around him, if asked, his children would say, "Dad's mean"
    The wife lived in fear of "offending", for the children's sake she'd often have to intervene

    Pornography had taken over his life, this addiction's bonds were very strong
    He'd learned to keep his habit from the world, even though he knew it was wrong
    Deep in his heart, guilt nagged at him to STOP!! this nasty INSIDE sinful habit he'd for so long

    So we see these examples of how the OBVIOUS can often deceive
    Because the INSIDE isn't always what we, from the outside, perceive
    It's only after ALL is revealed we can then, the TOTAL value, believe

    The Bible says we have "secret sins" that we presume no one will know
    If we put on a delightful, acceptable outside, the INSIDE won't show
    But Almighty God sees & knows everything we THINK & DO here below

    Back in Jesus' day, religious leaders white-washed the tombs of the "important" dead
    But INSIDE they were full of just dead men's bones...on flesh the worms had fed
    The Lord called them hypocrites, doing the opposite of what they'd said

    They wanted the applause of men, the name "fake" & "pretender" applies
    For Jesus declared, OUT of the heart (mind, emotion, understanding) evil thoughts arise
    Murders, adulteries, thefts, sexual misconduct, lies & cursing...all sin in God's eyes

    Thus outward appearances, traditional rituals can be deceptive, fooling even the wise
    The defilement of sin seeks to HIDE, but often pops out in sudden surprise
    It takes an INSIDE cleaning job; that which, a yielding to God's will, must comprise

    Like David long ago prayed, "Create in me a CLEAN heart, oh Lord, a right Spirit renew"
    Because a heart washed clean by the Blood of Jesus becomes one that is always true
    It makes a proper place for His Holy Spirit to dwell...Inner peace construe

    So by the simple act of ASKING Jesus to come INSIDE, He can clean up life as a whole
    By following Him, serving Him, making Him your #1 goal
    And KNOWING that you'll spend eternal life with Him will delight your heart & soul

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus

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    I loved this one. We can't fool our Creator!