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All Those Memories

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  • All Those Memories

    All Those Memories
    By: Maxine Mullivan

    No matter where you are in life, you certainly have been influenced by the past
    Be it by fond memories of a childhood where an assured future was in the forecast
    Where strong lasting bonds were formed; for a lifetime their support and encouragement will last

    Those good memories can outweigh trouble, so those with a sound childhood are a step ahead
    When they’re connected by love (and now via internet/FB) an infusion of hope is spread
    They can always recall some piece of wisdom a parent or grandparent always said

    But for many, childhood memories are all too often full of hurt & severe pain
    Some children suffer horribly when adults lash out, a sense of power trying to gain
    These children have no advocate to speak for them…their cries go in vain

    Life completely changes when a parent is lost!!...suddenly, or watched as their health slowly declined
    The WHY?! of their leaving was hard, if not impossible, to be comprehended by a child’s mind
    Comfort & support for the CHILD was absent, to their need the world seemed blind

    Or perhaps the heartbreak memories of divorce, which happens when a family breaks apart
    A child’s loyalty is torn in two, but how can anyone divide their heart
    It seems like two oxen are pulling on opposite ends of a wooden cart

    Anger & bitterness filled the empty void and they had no say in what the future would hold
    Thrown into a BLENDED family, where MORE turbulent emotions unfold
    Resentment builds, but the child is only in a position to do as they are told

    For far too many, their memories include abuse…physical, sexual, mental, the devastation of a hurtful word
    Even when adulthood finally arrives, they will remember the injury that occurred
    To think that in time it will all just “go away” is simply absurd

    Jesus Himself said, offenses (abuse) were sure to come, BUT woe to those who perpetrated the misdeed
    Causing a child shame, and to fear & life-long hostility these actions can lead
    They are done in darkness; only when brought to light of day can healing succeed

    But in time all children grow up, it’s then that choices must be made
    They can’t forget the past, because even with passage of time the memories won’t fade
    No one will be able to answer the “why?”…why THEIR childhood these misfortunes should invade

    So what can they do with the memories, without just keeping them deep INSIDE?
    Too many will pass on the hurt & harm, their tears…their child will ALSO have cried
    But the issue must be DEALT with at some point, a healing balm applied

    How then can that empty space be filled where anger, bitterness and sense of loss used to abide?
    What’s the answer to: in that space, how can hope, contentment and peace permanently reside?
    Only when we reach out in faith, accept Jesus as Lord, make Him our life’s Guide

    By giving Him all the hurt, plus the GUILT of the sins you’ve also committed
    By releasing the negative feelings, repent, confess and receive forgiveness for what you just admitted
    Life WILL change, once it’s been decided that your life, to God’s will you’ve submitted

    Jesus from the cross cried, “Father, forgive them!! They know not what they do!”
    Thus only in FORGIVING your enemy can the hurt be healed…freedom found for you
    With the Holy Spirit, the rest of your life can be made peaceful and new

    Now forgiveness does NOT mean you CONDONE a hurtful action & deed
    But that you give up the right to “get even” and are willing to let the Father’s will proceed
    By returning good for evil, the destruction Satan planned is unable to succeed

    So no matter what kind of childhood YOU had and the memories it can bring
    ALL need to assure their future; will it be guaranteed under the Almighty’s protective wing?
    Or will that last breath bring fear when we stand in Judgement of everything?

    Thus we need to put the past, present & future in God’s hands…trust His mercy & Grace
    If our days are under His shed blood, we’ll be victorious in whatever we face
    Those lessons learned in childhood, you’ll be able to fully embrace

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus