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  • Are You Listening?

    Are You Listening?
    By: Maxine Mullivan

    The countdown is on, just a few days until we celebrate Christís 1st Advent
    Truly the most wonderful event, the coming of Godís own Son and what Jesusí birth meant
    The reason we send gifts, but a minute sign of the GIFT God Himself sent

    His promise of the MESSIAH, the coming Savior & King, was made when sin first occurred
    Over the following generations, priests & prophets repeated the Words of God they heard
    During the history that proceeded, this was the hope in which all generations preferred

    Godís promises are always kept...just in His own perfect time frame
    To give all men the ability to repent & be saved was the Fatherís aim
    Every detail must be in place so that, in the end, ALL will bring GLORY to HIS name

    The woman to be the Sonís mother was picked from the Abrahamic line
    Herodís tax decree needed to be in place, the star to guide the wise men had to align
    The Inn had to be full so that, only to a stable, the innkeeper could assign

    And what if the shepherds had been too far away to go to Bethlehem and see?
    Yes, God always has daily circumstances in place by His Divine decree
    Even today, your life is skillfully guided by His HandÖand we need to let it be

    Now years later as we celebrate the loving Gift God the Father made
    The dedicated Sacrifice of Jesus, as He left the wonders of Heaven, so the Fatherís request could be obeyed
    Living the PERFECT example of love & unselfishness, the answer for which OT Saints prayed

    From Jesusí birth, His baptism, the miracles, His suffering & death, the Father saw it all
    Also the wickedness of menís hearts as they rejected His message, turned away from His call
    But knew when Jesus rose again, the Holy Spirit He would then install

    Then, as Jesus left to go back to Heaven and sit at the Fatherís right hand
    He made ANOTHER promise He wanted all men to clearly understand
    The promise was of a 2nd AdventÖa Coming even more glorious & grand

    Thus the WAITING began again for when the time nears the tribulation phase
    The coming years of chaos on earth, the consequence of following evil ways
    Ending when Jesus, as King, splits the eastern skyÖevery soul on earth amaze

    Jesus warned, Be ALERT!! WATCH for the signs, but ONLY the Father knows the EXACT day
    When the cup of Godís wrath is entirely full and menís hearts only want to disobey
    Disregarding the fact that, for disobedience, one day theyíll readily pay

    But God also promised all those who have ACCEPTED Him & His gift of Salvation, they would ESCAPE this hour of trial
    And that before those 7 years began, His children (alive or dead) would hear a trumpetÖGabrielís style
    Be caught up to meet HIM in the airÖwhere evil can no longer defile

    Transfigured!! Made new, many never experiencing deathÖpeace at last
    Safe from the coming trouble, evading (by the blood of Jesus) the Judgement forecast
    The heartbreaking reality is, the NUMBER of those left behind will be vast

    So WE need to spread the Word because the Plan of Salvation is on track as forecast
    That this newborn Baby came to save manís soul...Godís long-ago promise uphold
    And at His 2nd Advent, the DOWNFALL of Satan would continue to unfold

    So please comprehend that the birth of Jesus so long ago was profound
    Observe His Birthday by showing love to others, sincere Good wishes surround
    Enjoy your Christmas!! But keep your ears peeled for a special trumpet sound!

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus