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Did Charlie Find Regret?

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  • Did Charlie Find Regret?

    Did Charlie Find Regret? By Maxine M.

    The mere mention of his name brought a vision of evil years ago
    Long before the term “terrorist” became well known, he made fears in the California hills grow
    To please him, vicious & savage murders were committed…nightly dread he’d bestow

    Seemingly unrepentant during his nearly 50 prison years, one wonders, what did he see the future to be
    Because time & age doesn’t respect NOTORIATY, especially those no longer free
    How often in that small cell did he relive that nightly killing spree

    But the inevitable happened this fall, the monster Charles Manson died
    So WHAT happened in those final moments between him and God; was “Forgive me, Lord” cried?
    Like the thief on the cross, did a last minute declaration of Jesus’ Lordship open the Pearly Gates wide?

    Or like Judas’ insincere sorrow came to late…his soul lost forever
    Now to face the ultimate Judge, be sentenced for each ungodly endeavor
    Endlessly tormented, constantly reminded of the evil he once thought so clever

    God has said, EVERY knee will bow, EVERY tongue will confess Him as Lord…acknowledge His power & might
    There’s NO escape, do it NOW, later may be too late in this timeline fight
    After death there’s NO chance of pardon, the soul is now separated from eternal Light

    So what are YOU doing to prepare for the moment your death will arrive?
    Because every day we see death can come as a complete surprise
    Have you come to KNOW & ACCEPT just where the path to Heaven is & of what His Grace will comprise?

    So many believe that death just means “oblivion”…an annihilated state
    Yes, the body will know decay, but the Soul is eternal, subject to a predetermined fate
    Determined by YOUR choice of accepting, or not, of God’s loving sacrifice BEFORE it’s too late

    Perhaps you don’t consider your transgressions as bad as Manson’s evil offense
    But SIN is ANY thought, action or deed contrary to God’s law…of which there’s no defense
    It’s even the OMISSION of what God wants you to DO, or living a life of pretense

    Even if Charles Manson found forgiveness, when the need was so urgent and strong
    He had wasted all those years of serving Him, give a testimony of what he’d done was wrong
    Now if he did NOT, what a terrifying shock to find out the Bible was right all along!

    Because the Lord declares (since He knows all, sees all) that ALL have sinned & fallen short of His divine will
    That every sin would have to be punished, blood would have to be spilled
    The imperfect blood of bulls & goats would 1st be used to, this directive, fulfill

    But the Father’s ultimate plan was to sacrifice His own perfect Son
    Send Him to earth as a baby, grow up as human, knowing men’s hearts could be won
    He went about teaching, healing, making disciples, establishing the Church; on the cross He said “It is DONE”

    Now when God created man, He gave him FREE WILL, the ability to accept or reject
    To follow Jesus, since He gave His life for you, OR decline His Gift…to the world’s way defect
    Thus the most important decision YOU can ever make is: which road to the future will YOU select?

    That decision needs to be made TODAY!! You may not have the time Manson had to repent
    We have no idea when our last breath will come…no way to prevent
    So we see the unbeliever is treading on a minefield, no matter how well the day seemingly went

    Inner peace ONLY comes when sin’s stains, by Jesus’ blood, are washed away
    Then once you’ve received His gift of Salvation, you’ll WANT to serve Him, His love for others portray
    Circumstance around you may still be chaotic, but now you have the Saviour to Whom you can now pray

    Plus, when a Christian’s soul departs, Jesus presents it to the Father, declaring, “THIS one is Mine”
    This one has put their trust in Me, received the Victory the cross would design
    The division between God & man, caused by sin, an eternal bridge man can now realize

    So death need NOT be feared when you KNOW Jesus is waiting on the other side
    That He and the Father rejoice in the fact you took the lifeline THEY supplied
    And what a COMFORT for all those you left behind to grieve the fact you have died

    sigpicAll poems/prose I post are written by my mom, Maxine M. (Pictured) ...given to her from our Lord. May they bless and encourage all who read. Please feel free to share them with anyone!
    Judy for Jesus