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    Just ordered 4 fragrance oils. I got AppleJack Peel and Black Current Vanilla for me, cucumber/ melon and Blueberry Muffin for my neices. They sent a free sample, too!! Nectarine Vanilla, I think it was. They all smell good. They cost $2.50 for an ounce. Bath and Body charges $5.00 for a third of an ounce. But you have to pay shipping and that brought it up to about $5/ounce, which I think is reasonable.

    I have added a little water to a few drops and burned it on my oil burner. I also added a few drops to a cup or so of water and put it in a spray bottle for an air freshner. LOVE IT!!!!! I have some dried potpourri that lost its fragrance and I thought I might refresh it with some oil. I think it would be easy to make some potpourri packets and put them in my car and closets. Maybe even just a cotton ball with the oil on it in some drawers.

    These oils are commonly used for soap and candle making. I may try my hand at candle making one day.

    One more tidbit from pinterest. Mix 1 cup of fabric softner (I love the new Downey in a greenish bottle. Very fresh) with 2 cups of water. Put in spray bottle and use as Febreeze. I tried this and it worked very well. I wouldnt spray it on fine or expensive fabric for fear of leaving spots. But in my car and on my beds and cloth furnature, I sprayed away. Havent seen any spots or stains yet.
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    Thank you for great ideas i will try them as i already have some oil.
    Pinterest is really good site ,found lot of useful stuff also