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Might be moving to Arkansas

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  • Might be moving to Arkansas

    Just wondered if anyone else lives there. I'll know next week if my husband will be getting orders. We will be in the Little Rock area. I've been looking for rentals since we are in no way ready to buy, but have not found even 1 that fits our needs. We will be moving during the second week of August so not much time to find a place. It's a bit discouraging not to be able to find anything at all. I've looked as far out as 50 miles from Little Rock. If anyone is in the area and knows how I can find rentals I'd love to know about it. I'm also interested in the school system and what it's like to homeschool in the state.


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    I live in Arkansas......but not Little Rock. I'm about 60 miles south, In Arkadelphia.

    So I can't help ya with rentals or anything about school.

    Just wanted to say hello!


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      Most likely we won't live right in Little Rock. I'm not a city girl. i love having lots of room to roam so I typically look out aways. Having a very large family makes having a large yard a necessity.


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        You can go to the HSLDA website for the homeschooling regulations in each state.


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          I looked at the laws on HSLDA, I was just curious from a personal experience standpoint.


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            My first time in the Women's forum but I saw your thread title and was interested. I live in Las Vegas but I am from Little Rock. Will you be stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base which in in Jacksonville, about 20 miles north of North Little Rock? My brother lives in Sherwood which is in between NLR and Jacksonville. You have to be careful where you live in the LR area. Lots of crime and racial problems. I have not lived there for years but visit quit often.


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              Moving to Arkansas

              Hi Lori,

              I live in Arkansas and have most of my life. I actually live in Bryant which is a little outside of LR but I grew up around the back side of the Air Base which the Sylvan Hills/Sherwood area. The Air Base is located in Jacksonville.

              I have a friend whose dad has been busy buying up houses in our old neighborhood for rental property. I would be happy to check with her to see if he has anything available. So let me know if it is the Air Base. Once I know where you're going to be stationed it will be easier to suggest areas to look...good neighborhoods, good schools, etc. I also know alot of people that homeschool here so I should be able to give you someone to contact on that as well.

              I'll send you a PM with my phone number if you'd like and you can call me anytime. I would be happy to help you out in anyway.

              BTW, not everyone feels this way but I love it here. I moved away many years ago and then came home. I hope if you get stationed here, I hope that you enjoy it!

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