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    Originally posted by MidnightCry View Post
    I was thinking about this this afternoon. This part of it may sound harsh to some, but I'll say it anyway . . . YES, we all hope and pray that our children wait to have sex until marriage . . . and think that "if they don't, this vaccine will give them added protection" (kind of like the whole "don't have sex but if you do use a condom" approach). My question is, what about allowing them to reap the consequences of making poor choices? In other words, suppose a child does stray from God's will and have sex and get HPV -- that would be the natural consequence of their behavior. How far should we go to keep them from "reaping what they sow"?

    Just asking for the sake of discussion -- not trying to start a fight!
    I don't think it's like saying, "don't have sex, but if you do here's some birth control". There are so many STD's, which are incredibly common, or pregancy which I think are consequences enough. If my child does stray from the Lord and choses to have premarital sex, I would have liked to know that I tried to protect her from one thing that could cause her total agony or death (either from the cancer treatment or from the cancer itself). (I realize that there are several strains of HPV and cervical cancer) If there was a vaccination for HIV I would give her that as well. I don't think anyone deserves an STD, no matter how permiscuous (sp?) they were/are.


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      As long as you dont live in West Virginia or Mississippi you can get an exemption from this vaccine. We are holding off on vaccines because we felt pressed to do so by the Holy Spirit.


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        If you want to give this to your child fine. I don't.


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          The vaccine is supposed to be designed for females age 9 to 26. I do not believe that my 11 year old needs to be rushed to the dr. for this vaccine. If at some point in the future there is a need for the vaccine we will consider our options, but until then I am going to wait and see what side effects, if any, occur to those who have already taken it.


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            I heard on the news about a school (I can't remember where) that is requiring that young girls have this vaccine. I certainly wouldn't want my daughter to have it as a child, nor will I encourage her to receive it now - she's 24. I have HPV and the resulting problems are serious, but a vaccine that is not proven to prevent anything, nor has been shown to be completely safe, isn't a way that I would want to go.

            BTW, I have been married for 25 years and have had a completely monogamous relationship with my dh for all these years. My HPV was only discovered a year ago. It lays dormant for many years before rearing its ugly head, but I will be dealing with the results for the rest of my life.


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              I am waiting.... I want the vaccine to be out for a few years before I even consider giving it to my dd. I do hope and pray that my dd is a virgin at her wedding. However, unless she marries someone who is also a virgin, she's still be at risk. Do you wait to see who your dd falls in love with (& gets engaged to) & get it for her if he's not a virgin also? I don't have the answer, its just what's going through my brain...


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                We mods have allowed this thread to post some because it has provided some very important info and possible future decisions that may come into our paths in regards to our children. etc.

                At this point we are going to close the thread as we do not want it to become medical advice here.

                This decision is one of all the mods here.

                Thank you for understanding and we pray that this info. posted at this point on the thread will be of help to you all.

                Some more info Tenbear found on this:




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                  Report on Gardasil, vaccine for cancer by HPV

                  Well. If this is true then this vaccine is not what the pharmaceutical company made it out to be.



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                    The Gov. of Texas, Rick Perry, signed into law about 8 months ago, for all girls starting at age 12 to receive this vaccine. Thankfully, in Texas, you can deny vaccinations for religious reasons and for some reasons of conscious. He should read this article.


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                      No way would I have let my daughters get this even without seeing this report.


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                        Ok kids, repeat after me....

                        CLASS ACTION!