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Thinking of homeschooling....

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  • Thinking of homeschooling....

    Please tell me the in's & out's of it & what would be involved. How much time does it take?
    Does anyone use the free online school sites - like
    I've emailed a few people on the local homeschooling sites but never heard back. I don't see any in my area.
    I have 2 kids & they would be in 3rd & 5th grade...Thanks!

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    IRTG, there's already a lot of information in these threads, and there are sticky's at the top of the forum that give very important information.

    The first thing you need to do is go to the website and look up the homeschool laws for your state. Then just start reading the other sticky's and the other threads; you will find a lot of answers there.

    If you have more specific questions, then please ask and we'll try to help you as best we can.