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Public School No Longer A Safe Place For Children

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  • Public School No Longer A Safe Place For Children

    I see frequent articles about the garbage going on in schools these day. I just saw one that made me cry. Another child raped by a teacher. Between the sexual abuse, Indoctrination, socialist propaganda, attack on constitutional rights, absence of common sense in discipline, and forbidding the mention of God, public school seems to be the worst place for children.

    I keep encouraging my granddaughter to make sure she homeschools her baby girl in a few years. I am willing to participate. I have a lot of knowledge to share. I just hope homeschooling doesn't become illegal before then.

    Take one and pass it on!

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    The public school system is insane. Fortunately the public school my daughter goes to has no issues with praying and reading their bibles. The school counselor even has "Jesus is the reason for the season" on her door to her office. And this school district has been fighting common core and none of the teachers afresh with it or like it. They see kids failing more then passing their classes. However I am beginning to prepare for when my daughter will be kept at home and taught from home and it is something I've been considering for a long time now