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    So what is everyones favorite thing about homeschooling?


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      Originally posted by HSmomto4 View Post
      So what is everyones favorite thing about homeschooling?
      sleeping late and not having to rush to get eveyone ready.....

      Was that selfish

      ummm-- seeing the joy on my kids faces when something clicks... is that a better mom answer??LOL


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        Ok seriously. I love being with my kids... for the most part. I like teaching them. I like what I am learning while I am teaching them. I love knowing that I am the one that is the main influence in their lives.

        I prayed for children for 9 years and I always said that I didn't want to ship them off to school to be with someone else all day after only having them with me for 5 years....

        My oldest turned 9 this year and I joked with him that it was time for him to leave...LOL He was not amused...

        Anyway, I like that I can customize the curriculum for each of my children and they aren't expected to fit into a mold of what someone their age should do.

        I like the freedom to drop "school" for a day and do a bit of bonding and fun stuff. To me that is just as important as book learning.

        Anyway, these are just of few of my favorite things about Homeschooling


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          Wife- I could have written that same post! :cheer


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            I homeschool, too. I have 6 and 7 year old girls. Angels :msangel , when they are asleep.

            We use various things. I got hooked on phonics off ebay. That is an expensive program new, but it works. I use, they have many many things on there and it doesnt cost too much for a yearly subscription. You can print off all kinds of worksheets and practice material. I currently use some old textbooks that I have from when I went to school, some science, health, reading and grammar books. You know the ones they discarded. and we use flash cards and the kitchen and grammar correction throughout the day.

            The best thing I like about homeschool, if something happens, and you cant get to the sit down and teach it stuff, because some family situation has arisen, they dont get held back a year for missing too many days of school. You can always pick up where you left off and in the mean time, you can re-inforce what you were doing verbally here and there, and they even seem to retain it better.

            The other really good thing about homeschooling??? there is no teacher trying to tell me to put my girls on ritalin or any other mind control drugs. That is the really best part. They are very active and have a hard time sitting still.

            There are some who question about their social lives, but we go to church and they socialize there with kids their age.

            And although I cant shield them from the world completely, and neither should I , I can limit what they learn until they are ready for it. I have a problem with kids learning things before they need to learn about, subjects like sex, and other religions and political correctness and what a family is.


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              Originally posted by HSmomto4 View Post
              So what is everyones favorite thing about homeschooling?
              My favorite thing? Do I have to pick just one?

              Well, if I have to pick would have to be the reason we pulled ds out of school and started homeschooling - being able to set our own schedule/routine for the day. We like doing things our own way when we want to do them.

              Also, I really like going to museums, the zoo, etcetera when everyone else is at school - that way we have the whole place to ourselves. :cloud9


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                Thank you ladies!! This is just what I was looking for! Keep them coming, empty your hearts...please???


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                  Oh, I have to add, the number one reason for homeschooling, so the state cant brainwash my kids!!!!!!!!!

                  I want my children to be free thinkers, not fashioned by state dictate. Not harrassed by other children who think like the state dictates.

                  I have 2 older kids as well, I wasnt able to homeschool them and I was young and didnt realize the importance until they came home from school and they werent the kids I sent. They are both over 18 now, and they turned out ok and they even have some morals and they love the Lord, too. I am very blessed, all my children love the Lord.


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                    I let dd go ahead as she is able. Next year would be the year that she would normally start kindergarden, but she'll be doing grade 2 for history and science, and grade 1 for Bible and math. The only subject she's going to be doing K work in is music. For reading she's probably about halfway between Kindergarten reading and 1st grade reading.

                    I am trying to slow down her progress in history and science though, by adding more breadth to what she is learning. Her reading and vocabulary skills don't match the grade level of the courses, so by slowing her down a little bit, I can allow that area to catch up. She's doing great in math, and she'll do fine in Bible as well.

                    My favorite part about homeschooling? Teaching a lesson to them that they enjoy a lot. We were learning sorting with teddy bears the other day. Laurana loved that. She also likes playing dominoes. Not all her lessons are fun, but it's great when it is. I also likes when she gets a new concept and she's all happy about it.


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                      my favorite part is being with my kids as they grow up. I love them.

                      Oh, I also like being around when they have real important questions, especially the ones about God. I know if they were at school and activites till supper and then sports and such many of those questions and opportunities to seek God's truth together would not happen.

                      My gratitude for the freedom and ability to homeschool just floors me most days. I never would have thought in a million years I'd ever homeschool. Thank you God for helping me get here!


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                        I love the fact that I don't have to undo 8 hours of world each day. I don't have to re-teach science and creation. I can teach them the truth. I can integrate God into all areas and subjects.

                        I love the fact I can do the job that God has called me to do in being a parent.

                        I love the fact my children can work at their own pace and be the child, person that God has created them to be.


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                          Originally posted by Leialoha View Post
                          Anyone here have any experience with Tapestry of Grace?
                          I'm thinking of switching over to that next year.

                          We use Right Start math and I loooove it!
                          A good friend of mine is going to do Tapestry of Grace with her daughter :clap


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                            I have 4 kids 14, 10, 4 and 2. I've been homeschooling for 6 years now. We started off with a little of this and that but about 3 years ago I switched to Christian Light and love it. It makes assignments so much easier.

                            With the past two deployments my teenager has gotten more and more resentful of being homeschooled and her counselor suggested putting her in public school this past year so I finally did. Boy do I regret that, but to pull her out now would be a fight against not only her but DH who thinks she's better off getting her social needs filled there.

                            Now my 10 year old is mentioning going to public school but I don't think I'll give in on the other 3. They're definately better off at home and being influenced by other christian, homeschooled kids. Plus she is ADHD and Dyslexic.

                            By the way I found a really great program for ADHD. It's called "Train the Brain"
                            It's a handwriting program that helps them concentrate. Within 2 weeks of starting I took her off her medications and she hasn't needed them since.

                            And for her dyslexia I use Barton Reading & Spelling. I am amazed at her progress this year on it. Before she couldn't sound out words and spell and now she actually enjoys reading and writing.


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                              Homeschool mom of 3
                              11,9, 7
                              girl boy boy


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                                I love being flexible in my schedule . We can go on trips when we want to. That my son doesn't have to sit in class for 8 hours to learn what he can at home in 1. That I get to keep them with me longer and give them a firm foundation of love and respect and interacting with God.
                                That I'm forced to notice my kids more as individuals with diff't needs as I approach how to best meet them.
                                Ex: my first son, loves worksheets and order. Also games. If I can find a game he's going to learn it. That's how he learned the Armor of God.

                                My second is going to have to be more hands on and manipulatives I think.
                                and my 3rd, I believe will be musical. I have a feeling if we set it to music, he's going to get it.

                                It's cool to be able to notice that, and that they'll get to learn the way that works best for Each of them.

                                Just having them around longer seems right to me. Children were never meant to be sent away from parents for so long, so early. But that's just my Not so humble opinion!!