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Another Homeschool Recommendation---Apologia Science

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  • Another Homeschool Recommendation---Apologia Science

    Hi again. Thought I would make another recommendation and tell another story.

    I bought (again, second hand used online to save) Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Dr. Jay L. Wile (who used to be an atheist and is now a creationist scientist), Apologia Science is the publisher, and here is the link:

    So last night, we are sitting around, me, my husband and our 8th grade daughter, Graysen, and she explained the dynamo vs the rapid decay theory and why the rapid decay theory, while the minority theory, is the correct one and why, to which my husband gave her a lesson in thermodynamics and the laws which suppor the theory and why the earth has to be young, etc.

    My husband was blown away by her understanding. It took me additional time to find the book, so she has not had it since last August, it's more like Thanksgiving, and she is already half way through the book, and we are talking big text book---self-paced. She loves science and reading, so I have just told her that as long as she doesn't read less than 5 pages a day, she can go as fast as she wants to. I am just so grateful and humbled before the Lord with how He has provided materials for us, and even when we have started something late, He has taken care of that as well. And she is not just zooming through the book, she understands and is retaining what she reads and LOVES it.

    What I like about creation based science is that the kids are taught creation-based science AND they are taught why evolutionary based science is not true so they are able to explain it and engage in creation science apologetics. I have a very close friend whose a Christian and has been a high school science and math teacher for years who warned me that allowing her to learn creation based rather than evolution based science was a mistake and that she would not know what she needs to for college and college entrance exams. It has been just the opposite! And it has enhanced her faith as well!

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    Wow, another great testimony!! I have heard wonderful things about Apologia science... had a friend who did the Astronomy course with her son a few years back and it sounded fabulous!!


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      I've used Dr. Jay Wile's Apologia science books for General Science, for Physical Science, for Biology (I taught my son and 2 of his friends - dissections in the laundry room!), and for Physics.

      They're all great books, and if you have a question, he will answer you. I really like how Dr. Wile handles evolution and gives straightforward facts and arguments. Excellent books. (Although my daughter did get sick of Dr. Wile's favorite phrase from the General Science book: "incredibly complex".)


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        We started with his book Reasonable Faith, but she had trouble with it. We switched to something written specifically for her age and understanding and the lightbulb came on and all she talks about now is being a creation science teacher! You should have heard her last night!

        I am going to read that book instead. I had tried to help her with part of it when I realized that she didn't have enough knowledge to understand some of the terms of what he was referencing but I do. Can't wait. It's waiting for me as soon as I finish my current book.


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          I love the Apologia science books. We've been using them since 5th grade, currently in 9th grade and doing Biology 1. We just dissected a worm last week. My son has learned a lot and enjoys science. He's really looking forward to Chemistry I, and Physic I and II.