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Survey To Determine Possible Subject Groupings for Sticky Threads

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  • Survey To Determine Possible Subject Groupings for Sticky Threads

    Based on comments received we are going to attempt to have a small number of semi-permanent sticky threads in the Home School forum

    The intent is of course that those with "sharable" resources for the subject thread - e.g. Elementary - Jr High - High School - such as recommended links to web sources - recommended books - curriculum - suggested teaching methods (does and dont's etc) can post those in a somewhat more organized manner.

    By the same token we don't want to set a precedent of having a forum that is filled up with numerous semi-permanent stickies and leaves little room for free-form posting of current and breaking topics of Home School interest.

    Thus we now have a poll to indicate major preferences for a maximum of 4 to five semi-permanent threads that will remain pinned at the top of the forum until they wear out their usefulness
    Grade level groupings (1-3) ( 4-6) Jr High and High School
    Subject matter only - e.g. History - Math - Reading - Science, etc
    Other - specify in comments section
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    I voted for grade level groupings, but I really think just a general homeschool info sticky with all the resources grouped into one thread will suffice for now. I already put some of that information in there, but it's lost under the other posts.


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      Well if you want it all together under one HS information thread, then get together and decide what you want to put in the thread,then create a new one and we can sticky it. You can always copy and paste the stuff you like from the old sticky to the new one.


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        Certainly we just want to make the forum more user friendly for the Homeschoolers

        My only "concern" as such for having just one big sticky thread on any topic as a" resource location " is that it over time, it could get hard to navigate thru for first time readers -

        ...and thus any real ability to pick out what is useful to one versus another gets diminished

        Anyway we will leave the poll open to see what others with a similar vested interest might offer in the way of thoughts and ideas...


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          I think there should be a general thread and then by grade level after that. Kathe


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            Originally posted by Kathe View Post
            I think there should be a general thread and then by grade level after that. Kathe

            Good thought - agreed

            Perhaps also one devoted to just "pre-school" learning as well, since every parent - even those planning to send the little ones to Church school / public, etc could benefit

            Myself - I was raised /taught ae "home" out of necessity -in as much as we moved (due to Dad's employment) every 5 to 9 months -- including many foreign nations

            I was on Calvert's Correspondence thru 8th grade and finally ended up in a private Christian boarding school for high school while parents traveled the world

            Certainly it works well for many


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              Thread suggestions: 5 subjects

              Resources 1 (w/sticky) Legal, State requirements, getting started
              Resources 2 (w/sticky) Cirriculim, Supply sources, Homeschool groups locator

              Threads Infant to Elementary
              Threads Middleschool -Jr High
              Threads High School - College
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                I think it would be neat to be categorized by location, (i.e. midwest, southeast, etc.) for homeschooling so we could actually meet each other and plan field trips with other belivers.