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    Hi - I'm a homeschooling mom - have always homeschooled my dd who is now "in" the 5th grade. She doesn't know any other way to school.

    I just wanted to say that I think it is great the encouragement I've seen on this thread. I also found a couple of great links that I will use!

    I'm fortunate that there is a huge homeschool network in my area and most of my dd's friends are homeschooled. I don't know if I would have the stamina to do it on my own.

    I also do it real cheap... amblesideonline is my mainstay - however, it can look very overwhelming so I have modified it greatly to fit my dd. For instance - I'm not convinced she needs to read Shakespeare and Plutarch.


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      Hi. Sorry about your situation, that really stinks. I am not so good at having the links so I thought some words of encouragement may help you. Number 1 You can do this! Organization is key, and it doesn't take much to be organized. I do most of mine during summer vacation. Which gives you months! I have had alot of luck getting materials very cheaply off of ebay. I even think you will find your kids will learn a lot more in a lot less time with you doing the teaching. It is sooo much easier than it is made out to be! And above all your children will be safe. Don't think you can't do it, and take it to the Lord!


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        Been a while so I though I'd add a couple more items:

        Home Depot (ok I know there are issues at some branches) but they offer a workshop program for kids.
        It may still be free, but kids get a project- birdhouse, paper holder, trivett, ... and get an apron, and pins for completeing the craft project.

        Boy Scouts have their entire merit badge program online including worksheets and links... all free.
        The public can go to Scout stores and order or obtain kits for specific badges like leather work, wood carving....
        Hobbytown has pinewood derby kits too.

        Something else is garbage morning drives can locate free lawnmowers, bikes, or other equipment that can be taken apart for study.
        Some kids might actually be able to repair stuff and use or resell. Experienced adult supervision is definately needed for motor equipped projects.

        The PA Game Commission sponsors Youth Days and other free activities to promote hunting/conservation activities.
        I suspect other states as well as stores like Cabela's have introductory programs to get kids started in outdoor activities.
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