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If beef ribs smell "off", will cooking make them safe?

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  • If beef ribs smell "off", will cooking make them safe?

    I bought some beef ribs today, the "Sell By" date is tomorrow. They look red and normal, but they smell "off". If I cook them thoroughly will that kill any germs present and make the ribs safe to eat? I hate to chuck all these ribs if simple cooking will make them safe to eat.

    But at the same time I don't want to risk getting people sick. So ... will cooking make them safe? or should I pitch them?



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    the men of the house said they should be fine. They are curious is you are going to grill them or bake them? They said slow cooking is the best way.


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      I would bring them back...


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        My husband always says, "When in doubt, throw it out." I definatly agree with that saying.


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          yes, throw them out. You know how most people from other countries can tell the meat is fresh? by smelling it. I have read one time somewhere a person who just moved to America and was disappointed because we shrinkwrap our meat. she couldn't smell if it was fresh or not.


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            Well, I was going to grill them, but I guess my cautious side won out .... I threw them out.

            Rats. I was in the mood for some BBQ beef ribs tonight too.

            We grilled up some BBQ chicken instead. It was okay, not as good as ribs, but it was okay.

            My husband thought it would be okay of we grilled the ribs up real good ... REALLY WELL DONE .... he seemed to think it would kill any bacteria. But, I was still uncomfortable with the situation. So although he was disappointed, we chucked them. Better safe than sorry I told him.

            Thanks everyone for your help. You pretty much echoed what I thought.

            Except for the men in Betty's house ... who all agreed with my husband! LOL!!!

            I think men believe that grilling is the answer to every food-related question - when in doubt, just grill it! LOL! At least that sounds like MY husband!


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              I have probably thrown out some perfectly good meat over the years. But, if it smells or looks the least little bit funny, out it goes! My husband tells me that I'm too cautious, but I toss it anyway. If at all possible, I return it to the store. They're usually pretty good about taking it back and either replacing it or refunding the money.


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                if the sell by date was tomorrow, you should have taken them back to the store. i realize this is too late, asy ou already threw them out time, bring them back and get yoru money back.
                i've had to do this and have never gotten a problem.


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                  i always return meat that smells bad before the date. for one, i don't like being sold rotting food...and i figure if the store keeps getting it returned, they might have a chance to look into why it is happening and if something needs to be fixed, they can do it. Can't fix a problem you don't know exists.

                  I have gotten rotten chicken in 2 out of the last 5 shopping trips and it had me steamed. Both packages were more than 2 days before expiration and smelled so bad they were probably past due at the time i bought them. I am very careful how i keep my meats in the shopping cart and they are the first to go into refrigeration when i get them home. So i'm certain its not a user end problem.
                  If i just threw the meat away, i would have been out close to $20 and thats not ok to me.

        , rant over....:p


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                    sometimes its probably bc other shoppers take stuff out of the refrigeration cases, decide they don't want it, and just leave it at the register. i have seen this happen more than once...and then the staff, not knowing how long it may have been there, or elsewhere, puts it back. well meaning, yes...but pretty dangerous to the next unsuspecting consumer who will bring it home and probably get sick from eating it.



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                      All food stores are probably guilty of this, but years ago, the Albertson chain of food stores was fined for taking of the old 'use by labels' and replacing them with newer ones. This was in the meat department too.

                      Sorry I don't have a link, but I remember quite clearly reading about it in the News paper when I lived in the Seattle area.

                      Yes, make sure to return anything that is spoiled when you buy it.

                      Last year I was buying a certain brand of yogurt. I bought seveal of those small individual containers. When I got them home. probably four out the 6 had the foil seal broken. I was afraid to use them. I didn't take them back, but I contacted the company that made the yogurt and told them about it. I included all the product codes on the bottom of the container.

                      I got a very nice reply and they told me they would check into the problem. Then a few days later, I recieved another reply telling me that they had discovered a problem with the machine that applied the foil seals. They thanked me for telling them of the problem. Apologized for my inconvienience, and sent me a bunch of coupons for about 2 months supply of free yogurt.

                      Sometimes it pays to complain.


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                        There are a few types of bacteria (streptococci if I recall correctly) that produce toxins that are not destroyed by cooking. So...when in doubt DO throw it out.


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                          Originally posted by farmgirl View Post
                          There are a few types of bacteria (streptococci if I recall correctly) that produce toxins that are not destroyed by cooking. So...when in doubt DO throw it out.
                          Wow. I didn't know that.

                          I'll have to inform my husband. His response will most likely be ~~~>

                          He may not believe it. It's hard to convince him that grilling isn't the final answer to any food-related problem. I think he'd find a way to grill spaghetti if I let him.



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                            Sometimes, to really tell, you need to take the meat totally out of the package it came in and rinse it really well in cold water. Put it on a clean plate, not back in the old package and let it breathe a bit (there are certain gases that can build up in the packaging that causes it to smell off). After you've done all that, and it still smells off, then pitch it.

                            Thanks to sweeetlilgurlie on Narniaweb for the sig


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                              Originally posted by lookingup View Post
                              My husband always says, "When in doubt, throw it out." I definatly agree with that saying.
                              I agree.

                              I have inlaws who will cut off the disgusting part and eat or cook the food anyway.
                              The dogs are barking, someone is knocking on the door...

                              Please pray for Lindsey's salvation