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Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update

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  • Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update

    Microsoft released the latest major OS update for Windows 10 on Oct 17th. I always download the whole thing, put in on a DVD, and then proceed to upgrade all of our computers. If I don't do that, then it finally starts getting pushed to our computers it shuts us down from being able to use the internet for a long while because we've got one of the lousy rural connections to the internet. Here's a link if you want to download it. While there exists a wide range of attitudes towards the Windows OS, having the latest helps in the security department, if nothing else.

    Many don't trust Microsoft. I know I don't but am even more concerned about Google, Facebook, and most other social media companies. A good way to minimize the spying on you through your OS is to create the old fashioned kind of accounts that are not Microsoft live accounts, ones that log you in and identify your desktop to you, but otherwise doesn't connect all sorts of other information to you. It takes some thought to doing that but you just have to work through the process carefully when creating accounts on Windows 10. The default, of course, is logging in to a Microsoft account to establish your computer login, but you can ignore that and choose whatever other choice is on the screen.
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