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  • Fitbits

    One of my college kids came home for a short week this summer. He was thinking of buying a Fitbit and told me the Chase 2 was the one he needed. I bought it for him but it didn't do what he was hoping for. He'd been running with his phone attached to his arm and was hoping to leave the phone home and use a fitbit.

    The Chase 2 proved to be poor in measuring the distance run and couldn't provide a map of the area run, both things he wanted. We were able to return it and I then bought him a Fitbit Surge that has a GPS chip in it. The Surge proved to be the item he was looking for. The distance measured matched up with what he was getting with the phone strapped to his arm and the Surge was set up to auto link with his phone when it was nearby and pass all of the data it holds into a program called Strava.

    I guess there are a lot of programs that can be used with Fitbits and other brands of "smart" sports watches.

    I've been jogging the last couple of years and running 5K races. A lot of these races are not accurate to the distance they're supposed to be and I've been thinking I might get a Surge for myself if I come upon a bargain at some point in time. I sure wouldn't want to run with my phone strapped to my arm...

    Anyone have experiences to share about smart sports watches... recommendations, etc.?
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    I was just at best buy yesterday, just to look. I looked at fitbits, but decided they are too controlling for me. I know someone who has some app on their phone, and must get 10,000 steps a day. It is good for health, but I think bad for the psyche. Also, the fitbits that actually looked useful, as you found out TT, are those that have GPS and synch to the phone. A bit too Big-Brotherish for me. I am trying to stay old-fashioned in this electronic world, haha. I still use the bank tellers for deposits and mail my bills USPS. Inconvenient yes, but I am also keeping people employed.

    However, when raising the next generation, it is impossible to limit the technology they deem essential, and most will not make any connection with my way of thinking.
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      I never looked twice at Fitbit until my son was here and running with his phone on his arm and saying he was thinking of getting one. They are marketed in a way that I would see no use for. Tracking your movements and breathing and heart rate and letting you know when you need to take some steps, letting you know how well you slept, guiding you in controlled breathing exercises...

      But I would like to know how far I ran and what my per mile pace was... The only time I'd wear the thing would be if I'm running. If I had one that would store and play mp3s then I guess I could get blooth tooth plugs and listen to Jan Markell via the watch instead of the mp3 player I carry now...
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        So a week ago or so Freddy's offered $30 off in their electronics section so my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased the Fitbit Surge (with GPS).

        What I like about it is that it shows the course that I ran (when synced with the Fitbit app or another compatible app), gives me the total time and also gives me my mile splits. It shows BP during the run which is interesting as well. I run on trails as often as I can find them, so, especially when traveling, I don't always have a good idea of what my course eventually looked like, and for those infrequent times when I get a bit lost, looking at the course I ran might help me if I run it again and I might get some laughs seeing where I almost got back on track but didn't quite...

        It has a lot of other features that I'll not use but I've found I enjoy looking at the "steps per day", floors climbed/descended, avg heartbeat per day. I set my steps goal from the default of 10000 to 2000. I found that I do about 5000 on a typical day so I bumped it up to 5000. I was only planning on wearing it for a week, except for when I go on jogs, but I'm enjoying some of this data so I may just wear it until that stuff gets old to me.

        It's as light at the old fashioned Timex sports watch that I usually wear, but it is a bit bulky and catches on the jacket sleeve when I'm taking the jacket on and off.

        Perhaps one good thing that seems to have come from wearing it... when faced with the choice of escalator, stairs, or elevator, I'm more inclined to use the stairs when wearing the Fitbit.
        Tall Timbers, Imperfect but forgiven

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