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Burning a DVD from a PC (Windows-based) to play in a portable DVD player?

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  • Burning a DVD from a PC (Windows-based) to play in a portable DVD player?

    I started to title this can you, but then I realized you can do pretty much anything with what my 90YO great uncle just calls "those machines" in general, as long as you find some gadget or other, just like going from Mc to Windows.
    But, is it really economical?

    Our inner city ministry has a DVD powerpoint presentation on the King James Bible that our founder/director and another helper produced. I tried to burn it onto a DVD from my Windows 10 machien, admittedly about 6 years old. It says it burned it (and I did it so it'd be "read only" and "work on most computers," not just on Windows ones like a USB). but, someone who wanted one to take around to others couldn't play it.

    it turns out she was using a Sylvania portable DVD player, and that is what she would like to be able to use to take around and show people.

    is there any way to make this burned DVD compatible with that portable DVD player? I know using it like a USB flash drive won't work, it obviously isn't Windows-based and in fact there doesn't seem to be any "operating system" per se in the Sylvania.

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