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Mozilla's ex-CEO creates new 'Brave' browser

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  • Mozilla's ex-CEO creates new 'Brave' browser

    Brendan Eich, a Web pioneer and one of the key figures behind Firefox, is at it again with a new browser that promises to run faster than its rivals and shield you from annoying ads.

    His startup, Brave Software, released a test version of the Brave browser on Wednesday. The browser works on personal computers using Microsoft's Windows operating system or Apple's OS X, as well as on smartphones running Google's Android or Apple's iOS software.
    With his 10-person, San Francisco-based company, Eich hopes to rid the world of the harmful aspects of online advertising.
    Beyond privacy protection, Eich promises Brave's browser will come with a big speed boost: It loads pages two to four times faster than other smartphone browsers and 1.4 times faster than other browsers for personal computers.
    Brave's browser, still at version 0.7, speeds up the Web by stripping out not just ads but also other page elements that track online behavior and Web elements used to deliver ads. He hopes to strike a balance between preserving your privacy and eventually delivering ads that are actually useful to you.

    This looks interesting. Has anyone here tried using it yet?
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    I had joined up to receive beta builds.....I just got the one for the MAC OSX platform but not had a chance to try it out yet.....:morncof


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      Originally posted by macrohard View Post
      I had joined up to receive beta builds.....I just got the one for the MAC OSX platform but not had a chance to try it out yet.....:morncof
      It has been several months and there still isn't much movement
      on fielding this browser. In some of their news releases, it says
      they have funds to build up to the 1.0 release, but currently
      release (I think that translates to "not ready for prime
      time) is available for download.

      I kinda like their idea of micro payments, but I have seen many
      micropayment scheme come and go, and none sticks around long.

      There is also talk on their blog of support for Chrome extensions,
      but I don't know what they mean by that. I suppose that means
      if a browser extension works for Chrome, it will work for Brave.


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        Some news on this new Browser.
        Still, I have more questions than answers.
        Brave, a privacy-focused and open-source browser, raised $35 million from its initial coin offering (ICO) in under 30 seconds this week, according to a report.
        The free browser, which automatically blocks advertisements and tracking cookies, has been growing in popularity since its 2015 release and is currently in open beta.

        “ICOs operate by selling investors cryptocurrency, which can be used to store value in many ways beyond a traditional share,” explained Tech Crunch in their report. “For its sale, Brave created its own coin — The Basic Attention Token, or BAT — and sold one billion of them. That collection of BAT cost 156,250 ETH, which is just over $35 million.”