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I need help with ...thinga-ma-jig!

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  • I need help with ...thinga-ma-jig!

    The problem is, I dont know what to call that line at the end of each letter as you type... Therefore, I dont know how to ask for help.....Let me explain...I'll be typing and , unbeknownst to me, .goes somewhere else and puts my letters in the middle of an already typed sentance.....Is it MY system or something else?....I just got this dell laptop and RR is basically the only place I write more than just a line or two. Can anyone help me?

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    I think your talking about the "cursor"? If your using your mousepad on the laptop, be careful you aren't accidently hovering your fingers on the pad, it will click on the screen and move your cursor. Also, sometimes if the forum is acting funny I find it easier to post using source mode as opposed to editor mode. You can toggle with the top left icon. Hope this helps.

    Also, if you find you are accidently tapping your mousepad, you can turn the tap function off so it won't happen anymore.
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      I dont have a mouse...wish I did...but it's past my bedtime and I'll reread this tomorrow...and see if if I can figure out what you mean by the different modes.. Thanks