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Got my first cell phone.

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  • Got my first cell phone.

    I recently Got my first cell phone .
    It was not a pleasant experience.
    First just dealing with AT&T costumer service is very daunting.

    Well i dont want to complain about all that so i will just ask for some feedback.

    I got onto their 60 dollar a month prepaid plan for unlimited talk and text.
    I had to go pre paid because i have no credit to speak of so i couldn't get a good phone and a plan.

    People are telling me i should go with metro pcs or vorizon for a better price and more features.

    One thing i am very angry about is that after paying for the phone and 60 dollars for my month.
    I cant even play the game Tetris thats on my phone.
    It says i need to pay more money.
    also i cant access the web.
    Its just talk and text for 60 a month.

    I would just like some feedback from anyone who has some experience with this kind of stuff.
    cause like i said its my first cell phone in my whole life....

    extra question...if i decide to switch companies can i have my same phone number ported to the new company from at&t...or will i have to just except another one?

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    I have Verizon, not a pre-paid and it's good. I have heard that AT&T customer service leaves a lot to be desired (pre-paid and contract). I'm thinking about switching to Metro PCS when my contract is up just because unlimited talk, text and web for $40 sounds like a good deal but always check their coverage maps especially if you live in a rural area.
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