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Apple knew about iPhone 4 antenna issues before release

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  • Apple knew about iPhone 4 antenna issues before release

    NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) – Apple engineers were aware of the iPhone 4 antenna issues as early as a year ago, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, in contrast with Apple saying there was strict control on the design process of its product.

    Apple’s iPhone 4 has been heavily criticized by the reports regarding the reception problems caused when costumers press the upper corner while talking over the phone. This area is where the antenna is located and causes the decrease in reception quality or the total loss of it.

    Apple is expected to offer a solution due to the intense pressure and scrutiny it has been under in the past weeks. Some analysts said that a refund or recall of the product is not viable as the problem only occurs in certain situations. Others speculated that the company may give away rubber cases to avoid direct contact with the affected area.

    Last Monday, Consumer Reports magazine, a reliable and prestigious publication, said it couldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 for its hardware malfunction. The magazine’s article was viewed as the ultimate blow to the newest member of the Apple family that previously claimed it was an easy-fixable issue.

    Apple has maintained silence after its comments which tried to downplay the problem. The main risk they face is a possible irreparable damage to its brand image which Apple has so carefully built up. The iPhones are still selling well in stores.