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    What are spirders???


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      meant spiders???


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        There is a whole thread about them somewhere...
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          Originally posted by Marcie123 View Post
          meant spiders???
          Look at the beginning of this post.I did not know what they were either.It is a computer thing.


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            "Spider" BOTS logged in

            Does anyone know what's up with all the spider bots that seem to be logged in to RRbb? When I first saw that I thought this computer I'm using had gone nuts!

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              Originally posted by mbrown1219 View Post
              Does anyone know what's up with all the spider bots that seem to be logged in to RRbb? When I first saw that I thought this computer I'm using had gone nuts!

              With the cooler weather and the elections about over, you will see more spiders bots that will soon be weaving webs of turkey dressing, snowflakes, and fruitcakes.


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                Facebook even has some spiders.It does not say how many.


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                  What does the spiders mean by someone's name of people online?

                  I have no idea what that means, can someone please explain. Thanks in advance. :-)

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                    I was literally just about to start up a thread about this, thanks for already existing haha
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                      Originally posted by Sydney Spider View Post
                      This spider is viewing the board right now.
                      I can't believe I missed this!

                      They are all Sydney's cousins. Now we know whom to blame.
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                        Just found this thread and I may be over-reacting, but I had been watching a teeny spider strutting round my monitor all day. This calls for my mostest favourite smiley ever : :runhills
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                          Today on the site it says there are 26 members, 199 guests, and 94 spiders. What are spiders?

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                            Originally posted by Raynbowz View Post
                            What are spiders?
                            They scavenge connections between, and data from, web pages. Its part of what makes the bigger search sites like Google work as well as they do.
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                              I get it, finally. They're called spiders because the web needs mending and must be forever expanding.


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                                Eeeeeeekkkkk, spiders!!!!
                                This thread is old so I teleported over to the last page. I got curious and went to look, and there are a lot of spiders signed on (or whatever) right now!

                                Are we being watched........... this is creepy................are ya scared???????
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