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    Originally posted by Momma D View Post
    I am not tech savvy enough to know about the pw protectors...I just did what I thought was a good idea...
    Do programs like keypass remain on your computer?
    Both PWSafe and KeyPass are entirely on your computer, although I think you can also keep the data on a USB stick if you choose. That would be useful for people who have to log on from various computers, like on a campus or at a corporation.

    The password managers that are part of browsers like Explorer, Chrome, and Netscape have a history of being easy to break into, although right now I don't know of any cases where normal people have had to worry about that. (I have seen cases where hackers were targeting someone important at a corporation and broke the system that way.)

    PWSafe and KeyPass do the same thing as your Excel spreadsheet, the only difference is they were made specifically for doing that job, and provide a little better protection for people who may be targets of espionage. (There are only a couple of people on here who fall into that category.)

    The password protection on Excel itself has some flaws (or it did several years ago) but you said you also keep that on an encrypted drive, so that should be secure enough. (Although you didn't mention what kind of encrypted drive.)