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Because it has become insanely difficult to manage a bulletin board these days, the managers of Rapture Ready and Rapture Forums have decided to join our boards together under a software program that is easier to manage. Because RF has their database operating well under an Enforo license, we decided to make Rapture Forums the focal point of a consolidation. Since Chris, the owner of RF, has long experience in running a forum, he can better manage the problems that come with this technology.

If you do not have an account at, please sign up. By the end of November, it will become the forward address of
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What this area is NOT used for...

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  • What this area is NOT used for...

    [28] No posting threads about your personal infractions, deleted threads, or "why was my thread moved?" threads. All issues pertaining to board rules and clarifications will be discussed and handled by the Admin team. You may PM Chris or Buzz if you disagree with any rules or infractions rather than posting protests and concerns.

    Please PM a moderator/admin with concerns, such as those mentioned in the rule above, rather than posting them in this forum. This area is for: Your questions, comments, & suggestions for improving Rapture Ready.

    Complaints posted here will be deleted and infractions given as these types of posts tend to be made in order to vent in anger and create division on the board. Remember our Christian witness. Remember too, clarifying confusion or disagreements via PM, with love and patience go a long way. Sometimes there are simply missunderstandings on how a post is read and how it was intended to be read since we lose infliction and body language. Often times, the mod/admin team are aware of specific posts/posters/trolls and that is why they are removed. Our members are not always aware of the behind the scene goings on.

    Anyway....please feel free to PM any mod/admin with specific concerns, we are here to listen and want everyone's experience here to be a pleasant one.

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