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  • The search mode???

    I have a hard time with the search mode. You can only do a keyword search which brings up every post that has those words in it. I would really like to do a search for phrases. If I enter a search for a book or a certain phrase I would like the search mode to find that exact phrase, not for each individual word that may be in a post. Is there a way that an "exact phrase" search mode can be added?

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    You might try advanced search. YOu have more options for your search with it.


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      That is while using the Advanced Search.


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        I never can get that thing to work right.

        Use Google's 'Advanced Search' instead. You can search "exact phrase" with better results.
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          Using quotes around the phrase might work with Advanced Search. For example, if you want to search for "Zags lives to stir the pot" then you'd type that into the search with the quotes around it.


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            When we upgraded to the new forum software we did not do a "rebuild search" data function which would have doubled the database size. So you won't get accurate searches because of that reason. That's the way VBulletin made the new vb4 software. It stores a mirror of the forum software data in a separate table, thus the database size increase. The results pretty much go back to when we upgraded. Sorry.
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