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  • When the rapture occurs

    I was looking at the front page of the site today and reading Todd's commentary when it hit me - in a way, Rapture Ready isn't Rapture ready!

    Todd is totally right that when the rapture occurs, millions (maybe billions!) of people will flock to this site.

    But what will they see?

    Rapture Ready news...
    the End Times top ten...
    A whole bunch of great articles...

    And then, waay down on the page, is what they need: Information for those Left Behind. It took me about fifteen minutes to find, after browsing through the FAQ thinking that what they'd need would be in there (and some of it is, but not much).

    I think we should consider putting a prominent link near the top of the page that says something like "If the Rapture has happened, click here" and takes users directly to the information for those left behind section (and maybe beef up that section too with the basic steps to take - step 1: Get saved). That way you won't have a bunch of scared and confused people stumbling around the site looking for what they need when the event occurs, and that will help ease traffic at a time when traffic will be unprecedented, and also help people who aren't very web-savvy.

    We definitely owe it to those future Christians to make at least the task of finding such important information easy for them, since nothing else will be easy for these people.

    Naturally, we can't wait for the Rapture to occur to restructure the site to accomodate the throngs who will be coming, as I doubt we'll have much time to do anything at all once we realize what is happening.