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When super tired/sleep deprived, what if your normal reaction?

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  • When super tired/sleep deprived, what if your normal reaction?

    On an overnighter for the first time with the Middle School Department from our church at Grand Slam USA, I'd challenged them that if we had 100, I'd stay up all night, which I'd never done before; I did anyway.

    I knew I'd get super silly then, and I did; I was talking about my funny skit version of "The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" between a doctor and the patient's family, some bloopers from my earlier days, and when discussing the game the kids were playing on the trampoline at about 5 AM, I started talking about what games might be played - including bowling, then down to water polo and even the regular polo with horses! And, basically laughed like a fool.

    So, how do you all react when super tired? Any really funny examples?
    Get super quiet, zone out, hardly able to move
    Laugh like a fool at anything
    Act normal, but brain leaves, lose maybe 10 IQ points every hour
    Brain okay, but totally disoriented; at 2 AM feeding I might feed my spouse!
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    When I had a 2 year old and a newborn, I was so tired for months. (Do moms ever really stop being tired?) My funniest story was when I spent hours looking for my older son's hat, only to find I had carefully tucked it away in the fridge.

    I get very forgetful when I'm tired!


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      I get majorly loopy when I am tired. my junior year in High School, I was taking a full course load, working part time and taking two college night courses. One evening during my psychology course, my teacher said something that cause me to bust out laughing. To this day I still don't know what she said or why I found it sooo funny.


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        My brain disengages and I get hot.
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          I think I have had all of these things happen to me. Not all at once just at different times. Which might hel explain some of my posts.
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            'get overemotional and sometimes irrational.


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              I stay up longer than I should, and become a zombie.


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                What's sleep?

                When sleep deprived, I get silly.

                When VERY sleep deprived and allowed to finally rest, I can walk/talk/sing harmony to the radio, all while still sleeping, and I'll tell you/give you anything you want so you'll go away and let me go back to sleep.

                Can we say "zombie"?
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