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    Originally posted by frodo82801 View Post
    This isn't a word game????? It's political.

    I suspect there are some mods rubbing their chins in annoyance.
    Methinks it's because of George Bush being in the mix. Just a possibility.

    (rubbing chin...but not annoyed)


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      Originally posted by Tio-Peregrino View Post
      I'm voting for eggplant, too. It really doesn't taste all has to do with how it's prepared. I don't want to imagine how Obama tastes anyway...

      Like chicken?

      There are a number of insinuations in that. I'll leave it alone.

      The of the fictitious race including Bush is to make a very important point. Bush's poll number may be low, but he shines compared to the choices we face. It also shows that McCain has come nowhere near sewing up the conservative base.

      I suspect that the Obama followers may be a bit shy because we tend to jump on their reasons for following him.

      The sad part is that Obama is like the Pied Piper. He will take us over the cliff.


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        I had to do it... this picture is just sitting in my Photobucket album


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          Help looking for a computer genius!!

          would you up-date this poll so we
          all can vote?

          Please and thank you!