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What are your favorite snacks? (choose up to 5)

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    Ice cream sandwiches
    Beef jerky
    Peanut M&Ms
    Popcorn (especially when watching a movie or DVD)


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      1. sliced apples with crunchy peanut butter
      2. Chips and salsa
      3. Yogurt and fruit smoothies
      4. Dill pickle sunflower seeds
      5. Chocolate in any form


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        I like to mix wasabi almonds with honey roasted peanuts. It's really good!!
        Cranberry goat cheese and crackers
        Hummus and pita
        Potato chips and french onion dip
        Shortbread cookies

        Currently I'm out of all the snacks listed! Guess I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow


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          POPCORN, but only if it is home-made with real butter and salt. When I go to a movie theater, I sometimes make a batch and put it in a large zip-lock bag. Then, after the movie starts, I can reach in my purse, open the bag and enjoy, and no one can hear me open the bag.
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            Granny Smith Apple slices with strawberry cream cheese
            Chickaboom kettle popcorn
            vanilla ice cream
            home made granola
            vanilla ice cream with my home made granola on it
            did I mention vanilla ice cream
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              Popcorn (like Maranatha14, home-made on the stove, but I can't have butter so am using Peanut oil. I was using coconut oil but that did bad things to my cholesterol!)
              Chic Fil A Waffle Fries, dipped in a mixture of Mayo and ketchup
              Avocado with corn chips (I add salt, cayenne pepper, and chopped onion to the avocado and mash it into a type of guacamole)
              Ginger snaps (but only very occasionally)
              Honey (straight from the jar, like a bear would eat)

              I have an interesting mix of food allergies, that includes all dairy (and even chocolate!), so my previous favorite snacks have changed. Here is my previous list:

              Chocolate chip cookies (homemade from scratch)
              Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce
              Queso cheese dip with corn chips
              chocolate chips (Ghiradelli)
              Potato chips

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                Castletravano olives
                Cheese and crackers

                all bad for me............oh well.


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                  Good Earth Spice Tea with chocolate first thing in the morning
                  HEB creamy creations coconut/chocolate/almond ice cream
                  Siete grain free tortilla chips...I just discovered them...cassava, coconut, avocado oil and chia seeds!!!


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                    Originally posted by Stratosfear View Post
                    Ice cream sandwiches
                    Beef jerky
                    Peanut M&Ms
                    Popcorn (especially when watching a movie or DVD)
                    Apple Pie
                    Peanuts in nearly any form
                    Super salty pretzels
                    Super buttery popcorn
                    Dots and Mike&Ikes.

                    Wow, I'm surprised I'm still alive after that list. I even left off chips and cheese.
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                      jumbo black olives